Miss Him. He Can't Swim...

I miss my recruit today more so than normal. I went to the mall to mail off a scholarship application (we have a post office in the mall). Luckily for me (not) the "Armed Forces Career Center" is directly across from the post office (this is where he went to PT before he left for Parris Island). I saw his recruiter wave and I went inside to say hello. They all pretty much know who I am... I've been to PT with them while James was still going... and once since he left; the recruiters call me by James' last name. I think it's sweet but it makes me remember how much I miss him. lol
Anyway, his recruiter showed me a letter he'd received (from James) who was all "I think people make boot camp sound worse than it is" I was so happy to see that optimism. I read online that week 4 was supposed to be swimming... I asked his recruiter and he kind of nodded. UGH! Over the summer we went to the pool a few times and I couldn't get him to tread water. I hope he doesn't get delayed...
Even on the 10th, he said it was getting rough. I am getting worried. I know he can do it but I'm so nervous for him.
Anyway, I miss him and I'm really trying to not let any negativity seep into the letter I'm writing him tonight.
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aww. i'm sure he'll be fine. my boyfriend is deathly afraid of water and can't swim, you'd be amazed how well they do when they're being yelled at and are terrified :P i'm sure he'll do okay.

Haha aww...
Thanks (:

Hey girl,<br />
My ex boyfriend graduated boot camp dec 2010. He was not a bad swimmer before he left for boot camp, but he had to redo the swimming part because he didn't do good. The swimming is categorized in 3 sections on how well they do. But just keep giving him positive encouragement and write him every day, he will appreciate it more then you know!! If you would like to message me, feel free too. I have helped SO many girls on here. I even met a few girls at his boot camp graduation and keep in touch with a few of them a year later, its amazing having support like that. If he is a san diego I can email you the calendar, it shows pictures of what he is doing everyday. It helps a ton, to look at how much time passes when you cross of a day. <br />
- Julia :)

Thanks so much! I guess only time will tell. I've been writing him every day so far :)
He's at Parris Island but I think I've found a calendar, thanks though!
I'm so happy there are so many people like you on this site!

Awww.<br />
Well my bf recruiter dont knw who I am but anyways I've gotten<br />
letters frm him so far nd he said hes been sick cause dere is some<br />
respiratory infection virus dat has been going around :(<br />
He hasnt.gotten any of my letters yet and according to him <br />
they have had 3 mail callls and he said it made him feel like ****<br />
That his name was never called.<br />
I havent gotten anything from him aftr the last 1 i got Saturday.<br />
I miss him so much alredy :(

I'm sorry... I hope the flow of letters gets better soon!
I have been mailing James since I got his first letter and in the last letter I got, he told be he hasn't gotten any letter I've sent him. It takes a while for the letter to get to him and once he responds, it takes just as long to get his response. I'm sure you'll get something soon!
I know you miss him, it's tough (mine left o the 24th of October) But feel free to message me!

same here mine left on october 24th too!!
but he's in san diego.
he graduates on january 20th :)
its just really tough checking the mailbox everyday only to find no mail from him :(

My marine can't swim either, and he's in and fine so I'm sure it'll be okay. Don't worry :)

Thank you! I was really getting nervous about him being delayed. I hope that doesn't happen. (: