Dont Know What To Do Anymore ;/

hey ladies well umm where should i start well i guess it started when i saw my boyfriend talk to one of his chick friends on facebook and the girl told him to call her and well he did :/ i havent gotten a phone call from him in a while or not even skype with him ..... well that brought me down i get tired of txting him you know its fucken boring >.< i wanna talk to him on the phone to get to hear his voice or skype with him to see him but no he is too fucken busy !! >.< well to top it off my brother went missing and i went to go look for him and well i called one of his friends to find out that he has been in the hospital :( so when i go visit my bro in the hospital i brake down crying ... my bro is the only person i really have close to me ... he told me the reason he didnt want to let me know were he was because he didnt want me to see him like that and well .... :( he tried taking his life away and well the next time i went to visit him he was strapped down because he tried killing him self again and he tried getting away from the hospital :/ and dont get me wrong my boyfriend is talking me threw this but i dont want him to talk to me threw txt i wanna get a phone call to get me threw the day ..... man and now i just dont know what to do i am so lost and confuse on what to do :/ ugh !!! i hate my life right now but i guess all i could do is to keep my head up and be strong for my bro and i need to forget about my boyfriend for a while .....
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1 Response Dec 7, 2011

That is no bueno.<br />
You should come first before his friend does <br />
Now idk what their history is but in my opinion what your going through is serious.<br />
He needs to be there for you.