Things I've Learned && An Update

Being in a relationship with my Marine has taught me a few things:

-who are not in the same situation often do not know what to say, and tend to say the wrong things unintentionally. let it go.
-who know what you're going through are great for advice, and always willing to listen, no matter how far away they are. text, call, visit as much as you need to.
-can help time pass faster--just find someone to hang out with so you aren't trying to distract yourself alone.

-can either be your worst nightmare or the best support system ever.
-does not always understand, and would like to prevent the pain that loving a marine sometimes brings...they will eventually learn that love conquers this pain and its only temporary because he is worth waiting for.

The Corps:
-changes everything all the time. learn not to get your heart set on one date or time--EVER. it will most likely change 100times just to end up somewhere near where it started.
-will ruin plans.
-will introduce you to new people and places.
-has expectations not only of its Marines but also of their significant others.
-is a family in itself.
-has many resources to help you get through anything with your Marine. and i mean ANYTHING if you just look for it.
-values some relationships over others based on titles--its okay, as long as we support each other, we will have the recognition and support we need.

My Marine:
-has to put the corps before me.
-has a job that he cannot always separate from home life.
-cannot always be home, cannot always talk, and cannot always be guaranteed safety.
-loves me and does his best to make the best of every situation we're given.

-must know when to be strong, and when to let him see my weakness
-have a duty to my marine--to be faithful, supportive and waiting for how ever long we must be apart
-have every right to break down and/or complain when days get tough
-can learn 100 new ways to keep myself busy to make time pass
-am extremely lucky to have my hero by my side
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Thank for posting this. I'm not alone. I'm experiencing all of this. This is the hardest relationship I have ever been in but I thank God for him, and I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.

Thank you, now I know what to expect

Really love this thanks

I appreciate this story as a former Marine myself. Once we signed on the dotted line, we have no control over our own lives for however long we are in. Wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends, please know that we are constantly thinking of you and would like nothing more than to be home with our loved ones. As hard as it is for you, it is at least that difficult for the service member in the field!

If you can't stay with this person, please do not break up with them via e-mail, letter, etc! It is quite possibly the most selfish thing you can do! I have experienced Marines receiving "Dear John" letters in the field and it is the last piece of news someone needs to receive while in a hostile country defending their lives. Be an adult and wait for them to get back. It happens more often than you would think!

Thanks for your input, and your service :) I definitely agree when it comes to dear john letters during a deployment.

I love reading stuff like this! I live in Australia and I am dating a marine...I miss him so much : ( : )

i really like this post :) well said

This rocks!

Well said...

this just help me a lot to understand about my marine who is right now in japan ... i miss him so much i dont see him since January :(

Im glad its helpful and I'm here if you need aupport or someone to talk to

SO TRUE, thanks for sharing. Semper Fi<3

SO TRUE, thanks for sharing. Semper Fi<3

O my gosh, all of this is so true! Especially about things changing 100 times just to end up somewhere near where it started! Good luck with moving in & finals and of course deployment, but you have a while till then. Just enjoy the time with him you have now! (:

well i like how it doesnt tell you when the story is too long lol...the update got cut off heres a summary:<br />
<br />
we move into our new apartment next week, finals start tomorrow, and nick deploys in April. <br />
<br />
Semper fi ladies <3