Hey everyone,

I was just wondering how do you guys balance the time with your men when come home with everyone? Meaning I want to spend as much time with him as I can but I don't want to seem selfish or greedy because he does need to have time with his boys and family. Any suggestions how to get to see him as much as possible but let him do his thing too.
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2011

Your family wont be bothered that you're not spending it with them? If i were you id just maybe spend Christmas eve with him.

Not at all because we don't do anything big for Christmas but is it a big deal because we are not 100% together?

Oh, no not a big deal. If he's asking you to spend Christmas with him then its pretty close to official :)

Yayy (:

Not to comment on everything of but I just do his family things with him. But he invites me. Let him make the plans. I would tell my fiance "no you need to be with your family" and he would be like "dont be dumb, your almost my wife, you are family" haha. But you guys sound like a fresh relationship so just feel it out and see how much he includes you! :)

Well he already invited me to christmas eve and Christmas with his family but I just feel like I'm intruding especially since none of them know he's coming home!