10 More Days!

Only ten more days left till my boyfriend graduates from MCT! As you can tell I've been doing some hardcore counting down. :D I am trying not to think about it, but it's so hard! I am freaking excited! All I want for Christmas is my Marine and I shall be more then happy!(: I can't wait for are relationship to grow even stronger when he comes back, as this will be our first Christmas together. It's exciting thinking about our relationship progressing...before he left we were talking about marriage & I am eager to know how he feels about his topic at this day and time. I know it's a HUGE step, but honestly I know I am ready. I am already committed to him 110%...Everyone is ok with it, but I think some want us to wait. I don't really see any point in waiting at all. As most of you know time together is hard to come by so why waste that waiting when you already know what you want? People say it's going to be hard and I am aware of that, but I am going to worry about him/ miss him just the same if we were married or not....Hoping to get a phone call Sunday & hoping he feels the same as he did before he left O.o
LittleMissBrightEyes LittleMissBrightEyes
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2011