So I have seemed to overlook the fact that Christmas is only a week away...I haven't really been in the mood. Every time a Christmas song comes on I immediately turn it. I am being such a scrooge this year, I know! Normally I would be counting down the days till Christmas, but instead I am counting down the days till he will be home again (Only 6 more!!) But that still doesn't take away the fact that it is Christmas, which leaves me with quite a dilemma....what to get him!?! I am totally stumped! I mean he basically has everything. I don't want to get him anything cliche or expected. I would just plan out a nice day with a bunch of fun things to do, but he said he doesn't care what it is he just wants something to unwrap. I am totally stumped.
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1 Response Dec 17, 2011

clothes!!!! or maybe a gift card to his fav store.

Thats a good idea, he doesn't have too many civilian clothes...

i got my man a home gym thing. the thing you can hang in the doorway and do pull ups and other exercises with. its pretty great and can be found at wal mart. maybe some movies. find out his fav movies and make him a movie basket. put popcorn, his fav candys and those movies. he will love it