Only 4 More Days And I'm Becoming More And More Nervous!

Well ladies for you that don't know I was struggling with the decision to date the most wonderful Marine I have ever met. We have been friends since middle school and grew closer as we grew older. Seeing him go to bootcamp was so hard for me because he was one of my best friends. Patrick and I began talking this fall and our bond grew stronger and stronger but it was hard for me to phantom a relationship with a man who wasnt always physically here for me but through prayer and the help and advice of some lovely people I realized how much I want to be with him.

So Friday he will finally be home and I cannot wait but I am so nervous to see him in person again considering I haven't seen him since June, I am just worried that something might change seeing each other in person or after he goes back but I know I want to be with him and will do anything to be with him. I plan to tell him exactly how I feel on Christmas. Uhh I'm so nervous ladies.
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1 Response Dec 19, 2011

I know exactly how you feel! I met my Marine four or five years ago around this time and we were close friends for a very long while. When he left for boot, he wrote me a few letters, but that was it. He just returned from his first tour and told me that I've been on his mind for quite a while. Even though I thought that being in a relationship with a man who will not always be around would be way too hard, I'm the happiest I've ever been. I know that when he returns, he's coming home to me. And our love is strong enough. Good luck girl! Loving a Marine is not for the weak of heart, but YOU CAN DO IT!