Im Officially Married.

so i just want to share a good news today, I am now married to my boyfriend. We wont have our wedding ceremony soon because he will be leaving to Japan in like 2 months.. i totally cant wait till he comes back and plan our wedding. =)
18-21, F
6 Responses Dec 27, 2011

congratulations!!! :)

Congrats on getting married! Japan is DEF doable if you both truly lovr each other. I feel like japan actually improved my relationship with him. Takes a lot of trust! He's surrounded by only marines, and he needs u to be his support. Message me if u have any questions or if u wanna talk :).if u both have smartphones, then skype is free international calling :D

I'm so excited to plan our wedding. And I totally love calling him hubby.

awww congrats hun! i hope you guys have many many happy years ahead of you! happy 2nd wedding planning! :)

Congrats! Idk when I'll be able to get married now :(

congrats girl!