Too Long ..

So its been months since I've checked in here, but if any of you have read my stories its safe to say I am officially happily engaged with a ring on my finger and my fathers blessing, and in less then six months I graduate highschool and start life out with my marine. :')
He graduated boot on October 7th 2011. And has been in infantry school since November since he got RA and spent October here at home, :) , and now im one of the fortunate that get to see him almost every weekend since hes down at camp pendleton, and should be graduating from soi in the next week or so, all I know is that, I'm very happy at this point in life, :) and even tho he might get stationed somewhere far I know that thus far I've been very grateful to have him around, and now that we're officially engaged our future together is set . I hope all you military gals are dping great and I'm here if anyone needs anyone to talk too :)

-eehraaah <3
kimmylust15 kimmylust15
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2012