My In-laws Are Driving Me Nucking Futs!

So I STRONGLY believe when you marry your husband you marry his WHOLE family. Well his family seams to think other wise. So his family hated me at first when we got together, then I grew on them, now we're married and we are back at square 1. His mom seams to think I disrespected her because I didnt tell her we got married. It was a Justice Of The Peace two days before he left for MCT. Im sorry but it is NOT my responsibility to tell her things her son does. So she wrote this big ol' hash tag about me on Facebook calling me an immature, disrespectful, sl*tty, b*tch. Did you catch that? On FACEBOOK! But I'm the immature one? Whatever. She proceeded to tell all of FB that I didnt deserve their last name. I thought to my self "well if his last name comes along with you SH*T I DONT WANT IT!" But I've been a good wife and kept my words/thoughts to my self. So a couple days later his cousin who I actually like tells me "**** what everyone in my family thinks. You married Anthony not us!" This whole situation just makes me realized that I am such a better person then some of them, even though it takes every last bone in my body to keep my mouth closed!
I'm going crazy!
Then to top it off not a single one supports his military career.
They told him it was the "Pu**y" way out! :O Really?
Nothing pu**yish about the Marines or ANY branch of service! PERIOD!

Ps I just needed to vet.
Semper Fi!
I Love My Marine!
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i could not agree with you any more!! i am going thru the exact same thing only differece is that its HIS sister-in-laws and his sister that are acting that way. ive thought to myself so many time to call it quits bcuz of all the stress they r putting me thru but that would be lowering myself to their level. plus i love my husband to much. but same thing ... his cousin to me is my sister in law