so tonight while i was at the movies i got a phone call from steven...which was amazing because i havent heard from him in a few day he's been telling me he has a surprise for me but wouldnt tell me what it was!..when i told him i was looking into taking a night class the few weeks before he came home he said he had to tell me..he's coming home earlier and for a lott longer then he had told me! only 20 more days! and he gets to stay almost three weeks..could not have heard better news i actually cried when he told me! so happy now..hope everyones keeping a smile on their face! lots of luckk (:
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AWW YAY! I know you have been waiting for that. <br />
I can't wait till Micha can call me again.

AW WOW COGRATS - i'm sooooooooooooo happy for you!!!

That's great news!! It's always like Christmas whenever we hear from our men, but getting told that they'll be back earlier than expected ANDDD that he'll be staying for longer is like going to heaven over and over again until you see him :) I would have cried too, there's no way any girlfriend/fiance/wife that truly loves their marine wouldn't. Congrats on everything, and good luck to you and your marine!

Yess its even better then christmas it feels like ive been waiting for this for a lifetime lol and i cant help but cry no matter what whwn i get to hear from him lol i could not be happier (: good luck to you and your marine as well (:

Awww I'm so happy for you!!!!! It so great to get to spend time with your marine, enjoy every moment of it, I know you will! I still got 5 more months till my husband gets home from his deployment, I can't wait!! I know I'm going to cry every day before he gets home out of excitement! I think crying is perfectly ok for our sitatuation! :)

You cant help but cry because every emotion is running through your head before they come back even more then usual lol and thank you (: i hope your five months goes by as quick as possible im sure it will (:

Oh gosh, then I'm going to be a mess!!!! When he left I thought I didn't know it was humanly possible to cry as much as I did LOL! But when he's back it'll be a totally different set of tears. I hope they go by too, the first two have seemed to flown by so I hope it keeps on this pase! :)

that happened to me too! when he left and i was driving home i had to pull over because i was such a mess i was shaking and couldnt catch my breath! lol but the time has started to go by a little easier the longer its been because its not that it doesnt bother me anymore..its just something ive grown used to i guess..which is why its always ten times harder when he comes back and has to leave again because i go from being used to not seeing seeing him every minute of every day..and then back to not seeing him lol

Ohhhh I know what you mean!!!!! When my husband deployed omg I broke down while I was driving to many times to count! I get what you mean, my husband has been deployed for just over 2 months and it gets easier, not because the feelings are fading, it's just a part of coping with the seperation. I think if you were never able to cope, and carried each day like the day he left, you couldn't be in a military relationship at all! It will always get easier after time, but leaving again will always feel like your stomach and heart got re-ripped out! Just a part of this fabulous marine wife/girlfriend life right? ;)

yess shoulda known it would be ten times worse then what i thought i was getting myself into lol. if there was no way of coping i doubt anyone could handle it..i learn different things to make myself feel better all the time even if its something little anything to make me smile lol we are all some very strong women thats for sure

I think we all cope pretty well, even with a moments of breaking down, we learn how to pick ourselves up quicker then most and keep moving forward. I totally agree, there's a few tricks I've learned, like taking a drive in his jeep with music we use to listen and sing to always helps me to just break out in laughter and smile remembering the goofy moments.
I've always been told, the strongest men need the strongest women. The fact we are in love with a man that is a part of the proud and the few, only proves my case. We are as strong emotionally as they are phsyically, even with our crying! Lol :)

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