Update :)

So I thought I'd give you guys an update since I haven't written in a while. Well my fiance just left to go back to 29 Palms to hopefully start schooling soon. I on the other hand am planning my wedding and dropping out of school to move down there next month to be with him during his schooling. We're hopefully getting married next Friday in San Diego (pretty much eloping). I cannot be more excited about something until now. But, yeah thats my little update. I hope you all are doing well and stay strong <3
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Congratulations!!:) my marine is also ba<x>sed in 29 palms will be moving down there in about a year.

Congrats to you! =)

it would be a bad idea for you to drop out of school and go running off with your fiance. take my word for it. if you want to know why, message me ill explain as i am a seasoned Marine.

Kinda too late for that... Oh well. I'm fine with it anyways :) I'm proud of my decision

whow congrats,i wont be moving till next year caz he is leaving for deployment next month and wont come back till the end of the year! urg!!!

Yeah I'm actually not moving till April since we're gonna wait for him to get stationed. He has a good chance of getting stationed there and that means getting deployed in October :( So we're hoping for Pendleton

U should be hoping for Miramar. Pendleton is like in the middle of nowhere, well u prob like it. but Miramar is def my fav place.. i just cant wait til school end and move there. San Diego is super nice.. my husband is leaving to Japan this 15th and wont be back till Oct.. Im totally not happy but atleast school will keep me busy. =(

So I just found out that he has a chance of getting medically discharged because of his knee. We kinda saw this coming before boot but we'll see what happens

It's always been bad, but when he was home last week on emergency leave I was looking at it (being the good (almost) wife that I am) and I noticed like at least 2 bumps on the inside and outside of his left knee and he also probably tore muscles that connect his thigh to his knee.

Next friday! Soo soon how exciting and congrats =]

YAY Congrats!!

Congrats on getting married hopefully soon!!! It will be so nice for you to be able to be close to your marine while he's training and just in general! My husband is stationed in 29 also, well he's currently deployed, but I'll be moving there with him once he gets back (some time in the summer). <br />
You should check out this FB site, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1839963955#!/profile.php?id=100001450913360 it of wives, fiances, and girlfriends with marines at 29 palms. I've enjoyed it a ton, and it helps to meet other wives at the ba<x>se he's stationed at.