So It's Officially Valentine's Day

It's been a while since I updated you ladies but I have enjoyed these 3 weeks so much and  I wish I can replay them over and over again with my boyfriend. After Serg graduated bootcamp and got his 10 day leave, he extended because he applied for recruiter's assistant so we got to spend two more weeks with each other. The best weeks of my life! Yesterday he had to leave for MCT and I'm just nervous as hell because I thought this time around would be easier but it feels harder.
I'm trying to prevent myself from breaking down in tears and my friends are in constant look out to make sure I don't have a meltdown. But I'm a nursing major so my classes are keeping me pretty busy but when I have that down time (like now) all I can think about is him. He told me that he gets liberty on Sunday and he brought his cell phone (he made sure he bought the iphone 4s so he can skype us)  but I still feel pain in my chest at the fact that the love of my life is miles away  from me.
Honestly I give it up to you ladies who go through deployments with your loved ones because you are strong women!
It hurts so much but there is no way in hell I'm going to let him go because I love him too much and he always asks me will i wait for him and without even blinking I say of course because I mean it!
I love my marine and will always love him and if that means spending months without his presence so be it because i will still be waiting faithfully, a year from now and  I will still be waiting faithfully.
I just wanted to get this off my chest because people forget the true meaning of valentines day (even though its a holiday created by businesses to get us into spending money) the sentimental value of the day is about showing your loved one how much you care (even though it should be done 365 days out of the year)
That's all ladies, ugh Serg is still in open contract so he doesn't know where he will end up after MCT, we don't know when we are going to see him again, he graduates march 13, however he has to go straight to that true ladies? He said he might there from 2 weeks up to a year depending on the job.
I don't know how to feel but one thing I told him is to not to worry because  I will be waiting for him
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for the record you may not feel very strong but you sound strong. getting upset and having melt downs doesn't mean your not a strong person it just means your capable of releasing the strong emotions your feeling. Every time they leave it's different ba<x>sed on what's going on in your life. This time might be harder for you because your classes are harder or because of something else going on, either in life or between you and your Marine. There have been times my Marine has left and I've been a mess for 3 months and other times that he leaves and I miss the hell outta him but I don't act any different then when he's here. <br />
Oh and everyone has meltdowns, they suck but it's just part of living the Marine corps life. <br />
<br />
Your a strong woman and don't forget it....I have a small celebration every sunday when my man's gone that i've made it one more week, which means I'm one more week closer to him coming home. Sometimes giving yourself something small to look forward to, like a brownie, a long soak in the tub, a pedicure ect, allows you to celebrate getting closer to the best celebration of them all, your man returning.<br />
<br />
I can't answer your question on MOS though sorry, my man did all his training funny cuz he was going though school at the same time so I don't know how it normally works.

thank you soo much chiquitito it means so much hearing from you! I'm going to try to give myself something to look forward to, I think I'm going to try to apply for a job off campus so I can save up money for nice gifts for him because one thing I really appreciate is he still bought me a vday gift and im thinking we r nt going to celebrate it because he left the day before but he still managed to bring it to me

no problem glad to help, and a job is an awesome way to stay busy and distract yourself. And I love how they always seem to make events like valentines day special even if they aren't there :-) I'll tell you what men who aren't in the military aren't as good at making things as special as our men are

that is sooo true and honestly i feel like our relationship has gotten better because we dont have time to fight, all we have time for is to love each other because our limited time