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If any of you have been following my stories they have not been very good news but for all you new ladies I'll fill you in. My grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer, my best friend has ongoing medical problems, I recently lost two of my really good friends to drinking and driving, being 2, 272 miles away from my boyfriend, and while attending an ivy league school trying to figure out my calling in life. But through all of that I have learned to stand strong and realize life goes on. I've learned that you have to take the good with the bad and realize that it's all in God's plan. Recently I have been thinking about transferring colleges because I am not happy at all here...I was thinking about transferring to North Carolina to be with Patrick because currently while we speak he is on a plane on his way to Lejeune, which makes me happier because now he is only 855 miles away from me (thank you MapQuest). The only problem with transferring is there is no where that offers my degree, especially considering I want a Bachelor's degree and also I would be living on my own away from my family and friends...and if Patrick was to be deployed I would be all alone. So I am transferring to another college in Michigan (with 44 credits as an incoming sophomore) and I'm actually going to jump start my program, which is Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Anyways, Patrick and I are doing great we had a bit of a rough patch in which we actually broke up for the night, stupid I know but he was just really stressed with everything and I was an emotional mess with everything going on. But everything is back to normal now and I am so thankful. He sent me the prettiest dozen of red roses and the cutest message (: " You take my breath away...Today and every day. I love you high as the sky, deep as the sea, Love Patrick" The love you high as the sky deep as the sea is a little thing my grandma used to say to me all the time and I told him about it one night and it just stuck. I spent Valentine's Day with my mom and his mom it was really cute. His mom and I have become so much closer which makes things a lot better. She is always telling me that if she could pick one person for Patrick to spend the rest of his life with it would be me (: I sure hope he feels the same way. I couldn't be happier with my relationship and the way it is growing. Only 29 more days till I make that trip down to Lejeune! I can't wait.

I hope everyone is doing will and I'm always here to talk to (:

<3 - Jess
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I'm so sorry!! I have started a facebook page for all military girlfriends and wives to show support for each other :)

Hey you know i was in an Ivy league school as well and changed my major so many times that i actually lost count i knew i wanted to be a doc but what doc i wasn't sure and trust me i'm still not sure i've been bouncing between between what type of surgeon i want to as well and whether i still want to be one lol!! thing is things change you change you don't have to make up you mind right now give it time and as for transferring i think it went through my mind a million and one times as well stick it out really i know its hard but stick out finish your studies then move - i hope everything gets better!!

Oh definitely my studies come first, its just hard knowing that I could make things easier for us, but its not best for me and I have to worry about me first because as of right now I do not have a ring on my finger and I can not sacrifice my future for him. I'm just not sure if I want to stay at this school because after my four years i will have paid $150,000 THATS A HOUSEEE! I'm just so torn in the middle but I'm 80% im transferring to GV because they are known for that program. Are you still on the track to become a surgeon?

we have boards in 5 weeks so it is i kind of settled on doing all and making it to Attending and then decide how i feel but we'll i knew things would change its just when thats the question

Well good luck with boards!!

I am a Diagnostic Imaging major! I haven't decided what field I'll focus in yet I was thinking about sonography or MRI

aww really? thats sweet! I'm think of cardic in pediatrics or ob gyn sonography. not sure which though. Are you getting your bachelors?

Yes I am!

Good! What year are you?

I'm a sophomore but in the program I'm technically a freshman

That's good once I transfer I'll be a junior but technically a sophomore

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