Study ......... Not Soo Much!

So I'm suppose too be studying but landed up writing a bit wedding vows have officially invaded my mind lol anyway this is what I've come with so far!!

A lot of people ask where I met you and I never have an answer or a proper one, you’ve always been part of my life, you’ve been the irritating boy that used pull my hair or, trip me on the way to school, there was even a time you were more annoying than Jason and, the person my mom forced me to play with. You became my best friend a very long time ago as annoying and mean as what you were you were always there ready for a shoulder to lend me or just to talk or on many occasion tell some boyfriend that he  was making a nuisance of himself or exactly where he stood in the greater scheme of things you were the best gossip and had all the best scoops but you were always there to give me that extra push when I needed it or just hug to get through whatever drama was happening in my life at the time. You became the one person I knew you would always be there no matter what if I picked up a phone in the middle of the night I knew you’d always answer – you were always there it didn’t matter how far or close you were you always found a way to let me know I had you’re support even if it meant a lot of people didn’t agree with what I doing at the time.    

The day I realized I’d been fooling myself that we were just friends was in the middle of an anatomy final when I literally reached a blank and everything kind of faded away except for one sentence in the most recent letter I had got from you, ‘We screwed Storm, not even Chuck Norris can help us now.’ Granted you were graduating from boot camp in three weeks and I was finishing that anatomy final and would come here on my Spring break I still have no idea why those words would have ever effected the way they had but they had I couldn’t get you out my head. Something had changed both us when I knew things had changed between us was the first time I saw you at family day the AJ that had left the one that was more like my brother than friend literally left me speechless for the first time ever I felt completely out of my depth with you – you scared the hell out of me!! Just how I can never tell anyone how I met you there isn’t a specific day that I knew I loved you either it just happened one day you were my best friend the next we on our beach deciding where to from here I thought about it a lot and I cant come up with an answer its wasn’t about one specific moment or day or thing you said its everything from the minute you walk into a room to when you not around you the only person who can make smile on the worst days of my life and you the only one who can actually make me believe in the impossible and you took Ski Diving nobody has ever been able to convince to go higher the a five story building.  

It's getting to long i'm kind of going with it and see if i can narrow it down more!!


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Such a cute story!! Also, I have started a facebook page for all military girlfriends and wives to show support for each other :)

Loooove it! :) you're story is so cute and you tell it so well

It's so cute I love it as it is :)

aww this is soo cute (:

i love it!