My Hopes And Desires<3

I recently had the best weekend of my life.It is just so hard to go from an amazing weekend back to regular life...
The other day in my public speaking class I had to give an introduction speech and I started to cry when I said that through time , my boyfriend has made me realize the importance of being patient and positive. I didn't run out of the classroom though, I kept talking and concluded with saying what I want to be career wise and etc. I wasn't ashamed of crying because it was an introduction to who I was and I'm sure I came off as a sincere being . But anyways, i got a 14/15 because of eye contact! It's hard to keep eye contact while crying! 

I seriously cannot wait to see him once again! He told me that before he leaves to Spain for 9 months he wants to make things "official" and my heart just melted when I heard those words . I am still in awe from the weekend but I can slowly feel myself becoming stronger and more capable of dealing with the distance. It serves as motivation and just gives me more reason to do well in school and in life. I see him again in April and I'm dying for time to pass but I do not focus too much on it. I bought a camera and a camcorder so I can capture picture and video and send them to him =].

I am just so happy and mellow and I could not be more thankful for him. 
I want him home but I know things are how they are for a reason and I have accepted the challenges that come along with this relationship. 
I wouldn't change it for the world .
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I've been crying for random reasons as well like yesterday my friend at work said something along the lines of how proud she was about America and especially the guys and girls in the armed forces and i just broke and started crying and she's like why you crying and i'm like i dont know anyway it kind of turned into a crying fest because she started saying how even more proud she was of me and how inspirational i was it was bad and we'll just leave it there lol it happens and the most inconvenient moments ever!! Anyway i'm glad you had a good weekend and i'm holding thumbs for and a good mark!!

thank you so much <3 your words mean a great deal <3 <3

Aww I'm so happy for you girl! Haha the big official word! Ahhh it's always so exciting! I totally agree with your out look on the distance in the relationship, and how the distance really makes you appreciate them. Sounds like your in a very positive state of mind right now, so happy for you! :) <br />
Stay strong girl! :)