April??? Whaaat?

So I got a call from Anthony's mom and we were talking or whatever & like always marriage was brought up, she said "I really wish you guys would wait longer then April to get married because if you don't I am not going to be able to make it which would break my heart," and I am sitting there like April!?! I was not informed of this! Why was I NOT informed of this!? Lol. I told her he has not said anything about getting married in April to me...and her response was, "It's all he's been talking about!" ....I don't know anything about this. I mean I know we talked about getting married soon if he was stationed overseas and waiting till October at LEAST if he stayed in the states. When we were talking about again he said that if he got stationed in the states he doesn't know if he can wait that long to marry me, which was so sweet <3 :) But again I had no idea he wanted to get married in April! His mom said that maybe he was planning a surprise if he had not mentioned it to me so don't tell him she said anything, but wouldn't he tell her not to tell me if this was the case? I don't know...i am so confused about whats going on right now. & if he really wants to get married this soon there's like a million little details we need to work out!! O my gosh...I am so excited about the future, but I wish things were a bit more clear! Ahh, why do I have no idea what's going on here!?!?
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OMG! boys are ridiculous :/ haha I'm super excited for you, and i hope you figure out where all this april talk is coming from.... :)

Tell me about, lol! But thanks :D Me too! I guess I'll find out sooner or later(: