He's Almost Home

 feels like just the other day that I was kissing him goodbye with tears strolling down my face and afraid that we would grow apart. While my boyfriend was in boot camp it was so hard without him especially on holidays and special events. I had many friends tell me that what I was feeling was not real and at times leaving me by myself in the time I needed them the most but I have grown stronger from this experience. I know that most of them cannot walk in my shoes and do what I have done. I sometimes got sad seeing my other friends with their boyfriends all happy while mines was not here but the face that he is doing something more than his self makes me so proud and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I only have 2 more weeks left until I see him and I am so nervous while preparing for the day that I am in his arms again. It is true what they say absence does really make the heart grow fonder, during his time in boot camp we have grown closer even though we aren't face to face through our letters we have become more connected and shared our hopes, fears and goals. Even though I have only been through boot camp I know that I have a long and hard road ahead of me I know that sometimes it will feel like my back is against the wall but as long as I have the support of other Marine girlfriends, wives and fiancés I know that I will be okay. I love my Marine recruit so much and can't wait to see him in his uniform and happy knowing that he completed something as great as finishing boot camp. I will continue to support him in all that he does Semper Fi <3
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Aw keep thinking this way it'll get you far and YAY 3 weeks will be gone in the bl<x>ink of an eye congrats!!

This is the best way to think! Don't let anyone get you second guessing your self! Its hard, & gonna be hard! But if your anything like my Marine & I (Which we have only went through all the camps also.. he is in MOS training now) the love between yall will only get better! He will need you now more than ever, & it may take a while for him to admit that! But I gaurentee, if you love him, you wont regret it! I love the pride i have for my man! And honestly, he's more down about him being gone than I am! I stay strong for him! & have to remind him that it is for the better! & it WILL be worth every minute of it! I wish yall the best! :) And let me know if you need anything or have ANY questions!! :)) We are supporting you & your new Marine!! :)) Semper Fi to yall both! ;)... Oh & don't let anyone tell you your not as important as him, cause without you, he wouldn't have the drive that you give him!! :)

What school does he have to go to after bootcamp?

It's Basic, then MCT, then MOS!

Thank you I just got to stay strong for now