Marine Girlfriends & Marriage.

It's hard to defend mine and my Marine's plans for the future with marriage and a family when everyone is so negative about Marines getting married. His mom joined a group for Marine mom's and one of them said that she is against her son gettign married and having a family since he decided to go into the Marines. I can understand that they are skeptical because so many girls target Marines so that they can use them and get money. But those of us that have been with our Marines long before they enlisted, find it very insulting that Marine mom's have this vision of us. Mom's say that those boys that became Marines, that have had the same gf for years don't know what else is out there and that they would rather have their sons run around being premiscuous with random girls than to be in love and have a solid relationship with one girl that loves him. My Marine and I have been together for 4 years on and off. More time together than apart, but the fact is that we both know what else was out there and we both decided that we are the ones for each other. We have plans to get married adn have a family in the future, but that isn't for about 2-3 years. I just wish that Mom's could see that not all Marine gf's are gold diggers and that some of us actually care. Of course it's not going to be easy, no marriage is easy to begin with, but Marine gf's have it perhaps worse than others. It makes it that much more difficult, but it takes a special kind of girl to be a Marine gf and there are very few of us that will be able to handle it. But those of us that can, would appreciate the support from at least the families.
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girl i understand. ive been with my guy even b4 he joined the marines. i fell inlove with him b4 i knew he was joining. his mother has been against us from day 1. she has made soo many rude and snide comments that i lost count. i gave up on trying to impress her and that at some point she will start to accept me. i swear sometimes its harder to deal with the mother inlaws than the corps. they make life more difficult than it should be. but i love my man more than anything and i will stand behind him. stay strong girl. most moms just dont wanna let go of their little boys lol remeber semper fi girl :)

Lol it's annoying how they act sometimes but I do see where they come from sometimes, but my man and I have been together for 3 years before he even thought about enlisting so it's not about the uniform or title. Our men are some of the most luckiest guys to have dedicated girls like us :) thanks girl :)

I think its kind of funny that so many people think that about the gold digger stuff because this is how Nick explained it when we were sitting around with his family one night "i see why some girls probably just marry the guys for their health insurance and stuff instead of love, but they're really dumb, because unless we have decent rank or are deployed we don't make **** for salary compared to all the other branches and numerous other jobs we could have chosen. the number one reason i know shes not with me for the money is she grew up around the ba<x>se and knows how broke most guys stay even the married ones...not to mention she's in college and could just be with a rich kid whos mommy and daddy will support hiim til he finishes like med or law school." i cracked up when he said it...but thinking back now it's true...they dont really make a lot of money, it's just more than some people have ever had access to i guess. But seriously to assume we want to go through all the **** the corps throws at us from the stress of worrying for their safety to all the lonely nights, not worth it just for money...but i guess if we werent in it for love we wouldnt worry or miss them as much. :/ idk...i feel like im just rambling now. haha. anyways i hope his family realizes that he has a great girl supporting him and that you're not going anywhere :) semper fi girl <3

Thanks girl, your man is lucky to have you as well. I mean really, it takes a special kind of girl to stand by a Marine through everythign and anything. All the distance and lonely nights and days and having to go so many days without hearing from them. I mean they do get paid crap so it's not about money at all. It's about love, trust, support and strength and without all of those, it wouldn't work. But every true Marine Girlfriend knows that she would go through every part of hell with her man cause she loves him unconditionally. Semper Fi :)

"It has made him into a better man, the man he wants to be, but I've always seen that man in him."<br />
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That is so right on. That's exactly how I feel, too. Very well put...

When Trey and I first started dating the word Marine was no where in his future or vocab then one day he decided that since he had always thought about joining it was time. When he first left for boot camp we had been together a little over a year and a half and lived together for a year before he left. Treys family told him to break up with me that we would never last i would hold him back all the negative stuff all the time. His sister and I used to go at it all the time because she was so against us. But you know what i never backed down i never stopped loving him or supporting him no matter what they said or did. Finally when Trey got to Japan and heard about everything that had been going on back home toward me he lost it on all of them and told his sister she no longer existed in his life he wanted nothing to do with none of them if they couldn’t accept me. We were even engaged at this point.... Well it didn’t take long after that they all realized I wasn’t going anywhere and that I was really standing behind him like I said I would and I was being the biggest support system and how much he truly loved me and needs me. We are now happily married. His family did finally come to reality that they couldn’t control his life anymore and that it was his decision and that he really truly wanted to marry me and be with me. Now things are great they support us and stand behind us. So don’t give up hope on them and DON’T ever forget why you love him and don’t ever stop supporting him. If they see that you truly love him and truly are there for him and help him through the rough times then they have no reason to not come around. They should want their son happy and eventually they will realize that you are what makes him happy and they will get on board. Good luck with it girl if you need advice with this I have plenty of experience with dealing with the families. <br />
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Thanks girl, in all honesty, my guy and I have been to hell and baack with so many things and my love for him has never faltered. I love my man with my heart and it's really great to see that so many other girls have the same experiences that I do. Thank you so much :)

I know how you feel. I actually had a "friend" the other day that said I was only with My bf for his benefits. I was like excuse me? # 1 : I dont even know what his benefits are, I have no idea what he even makes, and I dont want too. I love him for him, his uniform and job are just a bonus that has provided him with life skills. #2: hes not even re-enlisting so after hes done, everything else goes too. People dont understand what its like to be in our shoes. All I know is that I wouldnt trade it for the world.

I wouldn't trade it either. I love my bf and I've loved him since before his job and uniform. His job doesn't affect how I love him. It has made him into a better man, the man he wants to be, but I've always seen that man in him. Idk how much my Marine makes either and it really doesn't matter because even if we were dirt poor, I wouldn't wanna be anywhere or with anyone other than him. People need to see that there are good girls out there that love their men. Not all of us are bad apples like that.