Been A Little While....

Hey Ladies,
It has been a while since I have posted on here. I have been so busy planning our wedding and just not had time. I just wanted to check and see how everyone is doing. I am sure there are some new girls on here.
So… My name is Aly my now husband is Trey we have been together for 3 years and he is stationed in Japan……
Now for the updates….. as most of you know we had tried to get married 2 different times and something came up and we had to change the date yet again well last November he got word that he would be able to come home in February… we had heard this 2 times before and I was a little hesitant but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity or the possibility so I started planning the wedding we were sticklers for having a traditional wedding I wasn’t going to give up the white dress or the ceremony just to be married he was over seas anyway so its not like we could have been together anyways so neither one of us saw a point of just going to the court house to get married if we could have been together it might have been different but we couldnt. We were almost to the point of doing it because we didn’t think that it was every going to happen the traditional way. Well with faith and God he got Trey home and we were actually able to have our dream wedding and the reception of a life time. It was everything we ever wanted and honestly… it was perfect…. It was well worth the wait and it made it that much more special. Our honeymoon in the mountains was simply amazing had the times of our lives…..Sadly it is over and our 25 days that we get together out of the 365 are over. He leaves tomorrow morning at 7:30 and well…. I am really sad I have let him go numerous times in the past 2 years since he left for boot camp but this one seems to be weighing on me the hardest. I want to be able to start our lives together but he is leaving yet again. Good news is he only has 10 months of Japan left and then he will be able to be state side and we can FINALLY after the long wait be able to live together again. These 10 months can not come fast enough that is for sure. You know as a kid how we couldn’t wait for Christmas to get here well those days were long gone for me the wishing and waiting for Christmas… this year I have that same little kid feeling I can not wait for Christmas he will be coming back to the states the 27th of December. So another Christmas apart and that is ok because 2 days after that I get the best Christmas present of a life time my Husband home.
That is my update…. now that wedding is over and he is leaving I will have more time on my hands and hopefully be able to catch back up on my girls on here that I haven’t wrote back in FOREVER which I am really sorry about.. I am getting back to yall I promise!!!
I hope that everyone is doing good and staying strong and your heads up!!!!
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Hello Aly. My name is Ariana, Ari for short. I am new to this site. Reading this update almost had me in tears. Congratulations on your wedding. I Am very happy for you and your Marine Husband :) .. your story inspires and gives us Marine girlfriends hope. It's March already. Christmas will be here before you know it :)

Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you! So did you guys live together before he got stationed in Japan? And if so, did you move back home or did you stay living where you were with him when he was state side?

Thank you! we did live together before he joined the corps i stayed where we were for about a year and then this past december i ended up moving to a new place but still on my own. I been on my own way to long to ever move back home i would go crazy lol

I bet lol This is really inspirational to me, because my marine and i are talking about marriage adn when we should do it and how soon.

Aw YAY Aly ok i kind cheated i know but YAY FRIGGING FINALLY - i'm actually tearing up here i promise they all happy tears for you but yay lol ok i'm officially locking myself up for like an hour!!! I cant believe it happened!!

I am in the process of writing you back lol its gonna take me a few days but it is coming lol

lol i understand i went all novel on you!!

congrats on the wedding!!

ahhh!! i'm so happy for you :) i'm glad you were able to FINALLY get the wedding you had been waiting for! BOOOOO for 10 months apart again :( i hope they pass quickly!

So glad it finally came together for you! It sounds like the wedding/reception/honeymoon were perfect! I'm so happy for you. You should post a pic of the wedding! Booo to 10 more months, but hopefully after that he will be able to stick around for awhile. I also had the white dress at the church and a honeymoon in the mountains.. yay for country girls, haha!

haha did you really... heck yea thats great!! Some things just cant be left out. Thank you so much I am too it was a long time waiting as you know lol. I will as soon as i get them back i will post them and let you know. I hope that you are doing well and the fam is good too! :)

Oh, good, I can't wait to seem, I'm sure you guys looked great! We are doing great! My husband is trying to go recruiting, so who knows where we will end up in the near future. You have been such a strong/faithful gf/wife through all this time. I remember when you posted your 'he's leaving for bootcamp' story... look how far you have come!

Congrats on getting married!!!