My boyfriend and I had been dating for about 8 months when he left for bootcamp
Last year on the first day of summer of coarse.. I'm only a junior in high school so he
Left basically right after he graduated I love him to death and we be just been through soo much together I can't see myself without him now we've almost been dating for a year and a half but anyways for some reason lately I just can't stop being upset about him and have really been missing him :( and it just feels like we're kind of slowly growing apart from eachother and I just don't know if that normal or not or what I just really don't wanna lose himm 3 he's all the way in north Carolina right now because that's where he's stationed and I'm all the way in Idaho and lately I just can't seeem to keep my head up about it all:(
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I go through moments like that as well. I just have to think to myself "he is doing his job to better our future together." Stay strong and keep your head up(:

Awhh really! And Yeahh I know it's made me and my boyfriend stronger too lately I just feel like I'm not as important to him as I use to be or something I dunno maybee it's just meee:(

Hey I'm Shantel and my boyfriend is Ben. I'm only a junior in high school as well. Storm knows what she is talking about! Just always stay positive and communicate with your marine. My marine and my separation has only made our relationship grow. Stay strong girly! Hopefully we stay in touch!


Hey I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance he's currently deployed now. You've got to speak to him be honest just tell him how feel the only way these relationships work is by being completely honest about everything you speak up and speak about everything from how you feel to last time you had a cup of coffee and only because you not with each other its hard in the beginning but it really does get easier. as for how you feel remember some days and sometimes even a few days you going to feel like in way over your and you have no idea how you going to do any of it just let it happen go with but make sure that at the day of the day you get up out of bed and do your thing its hard but it can be done start looking for the positive thing in everything that happens start with finding one positive everyday and work that number up and trust it changes your whole fr<x>ame of thinking - Good luck and welcome!