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My boyfriend from high school and I are back together.  He's in mos school right now, not sure where he will be stationed when he graduates though.  I have an idea on how this military relationship goes, being there for my best friend who was pregnant and her husband getting deployed, but I still don't know what all to expect.  My boyfriend is the only guy I have dated that I can see myself with and marrying.  Any advice and help I can get I would greatly appreciate.  His family has been very close to me lately and I'm thankful I have them to help me with everything.  I have his picture hanging next to my bed so every night when I go to sleep he's right here next to me.  I love him very much even after being apart for two years.  I know this is what I want and I am willing to do anything to make this work.
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I'm new to ll of this too and though I'm really close with his Mum I'm struggling to find someone to talk to who is in the same situation as me. My man will be going into basic training soon and I worry about him all the time and I worry about our relationship. He's so wonderful and his safety come first always. I just don't know what to expect or how to cope with it as I don't know anyone who has gone through this. I live in England and I'm trying to find out if there are any support groups for people like m, I'd love to be able to confide in someone who was going thorugh the same as me. You women are amazing and your stories help me more than you know. It's nice to know there is a support group out there even if it's online. What should I expect? I so want this relationship to work, I love him so much and support everything he does.

You're on the right track, you have a close friend who understands a military relationship, you have the support from his family, and you know this is what you want and your willing to do anything. Try to stay as positive about things as possible, keep busy, and I always find doing things for him while he's away makes me feel better. Write whenever you feel emotional to get it out of your system, it always helps. It's ok to cry and feel lonely, but it's worth it in the end. Always try to pick yourself back up and refocus yourself on the positive in your life, like being with him despite the distance. I hope that helps. I wish you all the luck in learning how to cope, everyone figures out the best way for their coping and you will too in time. Feel free to private message me if you need support, I really am here for you cause I really do understand what your going through. <br />
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