Kony 2012 Movement & Our Marines

I'm curious to know how all the fiances, wives, and girlfriends that have retired or active duty Marines feel about the KONY 2012 movement. It strikes many different emotions with me. If you have not seen it or heard about it, it will take 30 minutes to watch a very powerful video on it that is well worth the time. You can find it on youtube by typing KONY 2012 in the search engine. Please let me know what you think. I think it's a big subject to talk about beings it may, at some point, involve our Marines. Thanks Ladies!
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Kony is hiding in the jungles of the Congo, he is no longer in Uganda. He only has about 250 followers left, he doesn't have a huge army. <br />
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http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/invisible-childrens-stop-kony-campaign/2012/03/07/gIQA7B31wR_blog.html<br />
<br />
http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/stop-kony-video-invisible-children-jason-russell-backlash-uganda-297674<br />
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Also, America is not a poor country. We are the richest country in the world. We have the highest GDP in the world. We have massive debt because of 2 wars and endless social programs (all directed at helping the poor in our own country).

No America is not a poor country, we are just in huge debt cause of politicians. And America has the highest poverty rate out of all the countries cause all the other countries are used to having nothing and we are so used to having money and cell phones and SO many resources. Sometimes I wish America didn't have much, that way if something tragic happened we would be able to know how to survive and react to it. We're not though. Other countries besides America needs to help out. Back when the hutu and tutsi were fighting, the UK helped out. So, if people want to do something, they should also contact other countries.

I agree with you ladies completely!!!!

I think we need to help where we can. I'm all about protecting children. They are too innocent to be pulled into something like that! However I agree that we should be doing somethin about the problems in our own country as well! And I course having our men going to Africa to fight scares me, but my man even going to training scares me. Anything can happen! Never know what couyon is gonna be standin by him with a gun! I just know that as humans we need to look out for Gods children and if we have the resources to help, damn right we better help!

I thought it was a powerful video and maybe someone does need to make one about America to grab the attention of those who live in a bubble or ignore what goes on here at home. But that being said I don't see why letting the troops we already have there or a low number like that help train them is a problem, we shouldn't engage in actual combat but helping them help themselves seems reasonable even though this cause went unrecognized for so long

Time out, this upsets me so much because it's been going on for a while and just now everyone is hearing about it. I did a presentation on it a few years back and it's just killing me everyone cares now but didn't before.

In a lot of people's defense, we didn't even know about it. and it's not the fact that we didnt care back then cause if we had known about it we would have cared. I did a presentation on UNICEF and people didn't even know half the stuff that it involved. I see where you are coming from, but the media didnt advertise it like they do now. They had to have a reason to show it. I'm not defending the government or media because they do a lot of messed up stuff, but I gotta defend people like me that had no idea about any of it.

I agree with you. Have people not seen the Hotel Rwanda movie? The only reason people are now sharing and stuff is because some guy made a video about it. What's going to happen when the main leader gets arrested? Someone else will just take over. And if our military goes to Uganda to help with that problem, they probably won't be out of there for AT LEAST 10 years. Politicians and people like that aren't going to care, they are only out for themselves. Obviously why they are beyond rich and we are becoming poorer and poorer by the second.

I have seen the hotel rwanda movie, i also know it was against my schools wishes. schools and the government didn't want people seeing that stuff. I totally agree that if we arrest kony another person will take over. The people of uganda have to ALL want kony go ne and want to stop his crimes if it's gonna do any good. obviously kony has supporters because it's not just him with all those children, there are other adults. I feel terrible for the children that are in that situation, i really do, but the adults are going to have to help out over there. Even here in the US and around the world the Kony 2012 supporters are mainly young adults.

I would love to help out. It's just it's such a difficult situation. Like he has a HUGE army. We can't just send people over there. There has to be a HUGE plan before we even try anything. People don't understand that. Would they also want people from our country dying? Cause that will happen if we just send them over. They should get other countries to help, not just us. Uganda should have people do what they did in the movie Hotel Rwanda. I don't know how easy it will be to unbrainwash someone, if that's even possible. Especially THAT MANY boy soldiers. It's just a really difficult situation :/

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My bf is only in boot camp, and I will fully admit I have not watched the video yet. But I have to agree with loveoneanother13. I do believe, and have for a long while, believed that America should look at it self once in a while. We should stop feeding the homeless in other countries and look at our own country first. Don't get me wrong helping others is a wonderful thing to do, but I think America should look after it's own before trying to correct other countries prroblems. If any of you ate Christian you should remember the saying "take the log out of your own eye, before trying to remove the speck out of your neighbors"

I do think it's a good thing they're trying to pursue. However, I just think we should worry more about America right now, considering we are the country with the most poverty out of every country. Like my brother's friend who recently got out of the Marines, who I've known since I was little, said he wishes a film maker could put this much effort into addressing our own countries problems. Such as poverty, human trafficking(also happens in the U.S., not just Africa), homeless children, veterans, etc. We are so fast to helping other countries, yet we still have many problems in our own?