So Ryan's birthday is coming up and I need help thinking of something to send him!! I don't have much to spend right now so I need somethin creative. Any ideas?!
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lol AJ's b-day's coming up too i havent even thought about it - oops very bad girlfriend here!!

No your not!! I'm just a very bored girlfriend with very little money and no creativity so I have to plan early so I can talk my friends into helpin me make things! Lol

lol i honestly think during deployments or whatever we bag the birthdays until we together then we have a huge party we just over a month apart so i normally send him a birthday letter and then his fav whatever in a care package and then when he gets back we plan bigger better things together - lol there's another idea!!

Love the ideas! Thank y'all so much! We haven't been together long at all. I only knew him for 2 days before he left so we don't have any pictures yet! (I'm goin visit him in 2 weeks I think so may have pictures soon!!) I think I have some ideas now! :) thanks y'all!!

I like the scrapbook idea! I did one for our two year and Jim really loved it, i caught him lookin at it with a goofy grin a couple of afternoons when I stopped by.<br />
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I don't know if he drinks but I got Jim some Captain America shot glasses and green apple schnapps, it was only like 20 bucks and he now has his shot glasses displayed and won't let anyone touch them. Honestly if he's into any sort of comic book character like that you could always get him the DVD, if he doesn't already have it and then print out some pictures from the internet and use construction paper to make a card. Jim loves when I make him stuff that's goofy like that. I've also gotten pictures from our favorite cartoon and given them quote bubbles to tell him a story that made him laugh.