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I am engaged to the most amazing man who is stationed at Camp Pendleton while I am stuck here in the Midwest. While the distance is tough at times, I still count my blessings every moment of every day. The support, love, and respect he gives me on a daily basis is far better than anything I've ever experienced with men I could see every day. He is strong, brave, sensitive, sexy, and most importantly, REAL. There is something very authentic about loving a Marine. We all know that there is a mistress in their lives with whom we can't compete, the USMC. But I'm willing to share him and realize how important his job is to him. He has recently been promoted to Gunnery Sergeant (so proud!) which is even more time consuming...but after 4 deployments and all of the pain he carries, he is so deserving of this recognition. He makes me stronger, more capable, and happier than I've ever been in my life. I treasure every moment that we have together and still get excited over a text or phone call, even after all this time. Loving him makes me a better person. I will wait forever if necessary and anyone who doubts me (or thinks I'm insane, lol) has obviously never experienced this connection before. I love being the pink in his world of camo ;) In a job that involves so much hard work and YELLING (haha), he needs a soft spot to land occasionally and I'm so happy to give him that. It could always be worse afterall, and I'm thrilled that he is home (sorta) and in one piece (physically, at least). Regardless of what our future holds or where it takes him, I will see him through it...every step.
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Hi im Bianca and my husband is also stationed at Camp Pendleton, he is deploying in a week to afghanistan. This will be our first deployment. The ladies on this site definitely help get you through the tough times. =)

Hi there... My boyfriend is stationed at Pendelton too.... He will be leaving for Afganistan here on the 19th of March.... I am fairly new to this site to as I was looking for advise and just some place to write my stories and get help, and these ladies are truly wonderful. I live in Minnesota and we have been together a year and this is very tough. I sleep with my laptop and my phone and cherish every phone call or text message, because after next week I won't get that a lot :( This is our first deployment together and his second tour..... Please feel free to message me or talk I would very much like that I text with a couple other girls and it truly helps me.... I am curious to know if our significant others know each other?:)

You awesome you know that!! Anyway I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance whose currently deployed but on a kind of R&R in Spain right now for the first time in a really long time we've been speaking everyday and honestly it helps so much this week is like a god sent!! i also love letters they my favorite thing ever lol!! Anyway welcome glad you found us!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Storm! And the super nice comment ;) The distance sucks, yes. But when you're crazy, madly in's all worth it. So happy that you are able to talk to your fella on a daily basis. Once you go without for awhile, you really do appreciate all of the small things. Letters and phone conversations mean so much to women like us...which will just make up treasure our lives with them once this is all over. Enjoy your daily chats :) And thanks again!

*us, not up :)

I feel the same way about my marine! exactly the same. He is stationed in Camp Pendleton as well and i am stuck in the midwest as well! I will stand by his side no matter the distance. people say i am crazy and ask if i am willing to wait however long it takes to be by his side again and i will. I love him with all my heart and to be positive about the whole situation has helped me get through the distance better than anything else has. :)

;) We Midwesterners are tough! I love that we have similar stories. People can think we are crazy all they want...fact is that true love is worth the sacrifice. And Marines choose STRONG WOMEN for a reason :))

I completely agree!

This is so sweet! You have the best attitude about al lof this and i love it. Your man is lucky to have you on his side. :)

Thank you so much for the support! I am new to this site, but miss him so much sometimes...figured if anyone could relate, it would be women with similar circumstances. ;)

Your welcome. :) this is very true. it helps having the girls on here to talk to. feel free to message me anytime.