Totaly Selfish Moment

Hey Ladies. So I'm feeling a little selfish right now. I just got off the phone with Jim it was like a 5 minute call. We text for a few hours before that, driving me nuts but he refused to call because I was at my Grandfathers 80th Birthday party. So after the phone call I felt totally frustrated, lonely and ready to break into tears. I don't want to cry right now cuz my whole family is here and I'm not in the mood for questions. I feel selfish because even though I know I can talk to him for a little while tomorrow and that he has a 3am fire watch all i want is a long conversation and some serious Jim time to myself. Just frustrated at the situation mostly, wanting him to do what's best for him and at the same time wanting him all to myself. Just needed to get it out.
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2012

i understand I feel the same way, I miss getting to call and speak to my marine all the time but like newmarinegf said enjoy your family time, with my marine being gone I gotten closer to my mother and to his mom as well and now I can "stand" my teenage little sister

Aww I'm sorry!! I hate it when things play out like that!! All you want is those precious minutes to talk to your man, hear his voice and imagine him with you. But just enjoy your family time! And I'm sure tomorrow yall can have a nice long conversation with him and all this frustration will disappear. :) I went through the same thing tonight with my guy. Poor thing hasn't been able to sleep much so hes been sleepin all day. I was selfish and called him before I went into work. I feel so bad now though! He needs his rest! Shake it off and just look forward to a wonderful conversation tomorrow! He's probably dreaming about you right now. :)