When my aunt first found out I was engaged to someone in the Marine Corps, she wasn't happy. Instead, she got really tense, which for her is unnatural, and said a bunch of stuff along the lines of "if he hits you, I'll hurt him" and started looking up numbers for support lines for domestic violence. I'm pretty sure the only reason she reacted like that was because he's in the Marines- since her father was in the Army for most of her childhood, and is one of the most mild-mannered men I know, it shouldn't be a fear of military relationships. So, what should I do to ease her fears? I know he would never hurt me or anyone (unless they were hurting one of us) and I need her to understand that just because he's in the Marines doesn't mean he's violent.
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The misconception comes in where everyone says they trained to kills and they harbor their emotions then one day they just snap what people dont understand is that yes this is true but hat some people dont know is they also encouraged to talk to whomever they go through shrinks in one life time than anyone does because of things like PTSD yes they harder to get through to but out of the people i know on average the people in the marines are the first to speak up about how they feel. The other 'idea' people have is from the different branches in the military i work in a military hospital and the idea other branches have of the marines is shocking how they emotionally unstable and drink and fight and they the bad ***** out the whole military the only way to stop it is by shutting it down immediately i've had so many arguments about this in the last year i've actually lost count - speak to her get her open up and shut down the misconceptions right then and there - it'll take time so good luck.

chiquitito other peoples ex^^gave great advice. You cant always judge other peoples experiences on your own. My Marine is one of the sweetest men i have ever known. He has the biggest heart and truly cares about me more than anything in this world. I hope that she comes around and can see that not all marines are bad. I hate she reacted like that. Do anything you can to help ease her mind but at the end of the day she will more than likely will have to see for herself. Give her time and reasurance and hopefully she will come around but whatever you do dont let her mess up this time for you. Enjoy evey second of it!!!

Well if it's that unnatural I would guess that either one of her close friends or herself was abused by a Marine even if she won't say it. People don't just react out of character like that if there isn't a reason for it. If she hasn't met him and there is an opportunity to then maybe its a good idea so she can see the kind of guy he is. Other then that you can't do much to ease her mind. Maybe tell stories about things you've done together and if he's ever been around kids how cute he is with them....kids can tell when there is something off about people so they wouldn't be comfortable with him if he was an abusive person. :-) that would be the only thing I could see that may help but it might not who knows.<br />
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Sorry she reacted that way :-( hopefully she comes to know what a wonderful man you have :-)