He Says He's Stressed..

I am a fiance of a U.S. Marine. We plan to get married in July when he gets stationed in NC. Right now he is in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri while I'm in WV waiting for him to come home. I am a senior in high school and I'll be graduating in May and then I'll be with him everyday. I get to see him maybe once every two months. Its very difficult but I love him so much so the distance doesn't matter to me. Anyways the other day he said he needed a break bc hes been stressed. And I asked him what kind of break he needed and he said "he just needed to be left alone". So therefore I told him I wouldnt call or text unless he called or texted me. So I wake up this morning to a text that said "I love you babe :)"... I just dont understand what to do?

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Yeah that would be confusing..I would say give him some space..he will talk to you when hes ready..and when he does talk to you again I would say you guys need to talk and figure out if he wants this or not..i'm sure he does he is just having a rough time right now with school or whatever hes doing..but hopefully everything works out with you guys! I am down here in NC..we should keep in touch and hang out once you are down here:)

Thanks girl! This helped a lot and yes we definitely should ((:

You are doing all the right things. Sometimes they are getting it from all sides during training and just can't find a way to say anything the way they want to...be patient. But also remember, you deserve his attention too! He won't give up on you being together. Keep doing what you're doing and stay strong! You will make it work :)

I hope so :( Like I commented on his fb status and told him I'm here and I loved him and everything would get better and he deleted it!!! I'm stuck in this situation and Idk what to do!! Could he have another girl he is talking to?

ive been thru this happen with my boyfriend<br />
jordan is right as much as you want to reply saying why are you saying this if you broke up with me and<br />
so on, its just guna back up his initial thought of taking a break. Sometimes like they become so overwhelmed<br />
with work that they try and block everything out including their loved ones because they think it might<br />
make things easier. but if you show him that your on his side and all you want is to be apart of this<br />
journey with him im sure he will change his mind about wanting a break. and sometimes and break is good<br />
not just for him but for you also, because it will allow the both of you to re-evaluate your situation,<br />
and hopefully it can show him how much he does want to be with you. hope this helps :)

I just keep telling him I'm here for him and so on so he knows! But I'm just scared bc I've been hurt so many times in the past so I worry. You know what I mean? And yes this has helped me very much!! Thank you ((:

yeah def, its hard to be with someone i think in general especially if youve had your heart broken. i know all about that lol. all i can say is if your heart is telling you that you want to be with him then dont let your insecurities and past get in the way of your judgement now. Dont be his punching bag but also try and put yourself in his shoes sometimes.

Sounds like he just needs a little space, even if you don't feel like your buggin him he might feel that way with other things going on. It's not abnormal and has nothing to do with you. respond back but I would keep it short and let him decide when he's ready to be mr talkative again. As long as he knows your there and supporting him then it will be fine he just probably needed to get his head back on and didn't want to say something he didn't mean just cuz he was so stressed out. Its stressful and frustrating but after he's figured everything out you will realize how much it helped that you were willing to step back and say ok I'll leave you be and we can talk when your ready. Stay strong girl!

This helped me a lot too! Bc he did tell me that he didn't wanna say somethin he didnt mean. Which is understandable. But I just get worried all the time that he's gonna change his mind and not wanna marry bc his mood changes so much and I love him too death!!! But thanks again (:

we all worry like that. there's nothing anyone can say to change that worry. Its something about them being gone so much and all the stories that get passed around that freak us and our marines out. We just have to remind ourselves and our men that we aren't the people to cheat and use each other and that we truely love one another. Stuff just gets in our heads sometimes and we have to be patient and believe it will all work out well

Respond back, if he reaches out just be there for him! Don't push or pry or keep bringing up the break, even though I'm sure it hurt you! Let him talk to you stress free for a little, he's probably got a lot on your mind and he just needed to breath for a moment, and the corps makes the SO hard sometimes! Let him know that your his safe haven and his breath of fresh air can come from you. He'll realize pushing you away doesn't help with his stress and then he'll open up to you and you'll be able to communicate with him! Just be patient, loving, and gentle with your words when your hurting, you don't want this to turn into something far bigger. It sucks, but it's a part of a balance in a healthy relationship. <br />
<br />
I know sometimes my husband is so stressed and snappy with me and it hurts me, at times I've let my hurt get the best of me and it turned into a big argument because we both were emotional and neither one of us could take a step back and be rational. But when one of us is rational, it never gets to an argumentative point. Sometimes I have to bite the bullet and put my emotions aside for a moment to get his emotions leveled and then in return right after I'm done listening to him and helping him cope he sits back and listens to me and helps me. Of course whenever I bite the bullet though I always calmly bring up how he hurt my feelings by being snappy haha but it's his turn and he's already level headed so he listens and apologizes and then it's all relaxed and happy marriage time again! :)<br />
<br />
I hope this helps you to figure out how your going to deal. If you need to vent or someone to listen feel free to private message me, my husband has taught me to be a good listener lol!

This made me feel 100 times better!! And trust me! I do reply back every chance I get! And I didnt bring the break up. But its sooo hard bc I'm soo used to talking to him everyday. But I guess I'll just have to get used to it. But thank you soo soo much for taking your time to talk to me! It helped alot!! (: