It's Always Sunny In Parris Island

Why can't it be nice and sunny and warm here in CT? It's cold, windy and gloomy here... Some times I wish I joined the Marines with James.... Just to be in a nice place, and know I'm in that nice place with him. I'm slowly starting to realize, I'm not going to get that much time with him at all. Well, I mean, I knew that was gonna happen. But then I thought of HOW MUCH time we won't have have together as a whole during his 4 years in the Marines... And that kind of sucks, you know? I don't know how you girls can deal with it... 'Cause how the Hell am I? I'm pathetic when it comes to being alone and away from James for prolonged periods of time. If its not apparent on here, meet me in real life, face to face. He, and the Marines, is ALL I talk about! People won't even hang out with me because I've either done that to them already or they know I'll end up just talking about James and not having a good time. :|
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You'll be surprised trust me I went through a phase where i was determined to never get into a military relationship for that EXACT reason and while that never worked then thought i would worry and never ever be able to function as a normal person and that person would be on my mind constantly which is partly true but the difference is i know i have to i dont have a choice but to do it because i know the minute i get all mopey so does AJ I'm literally forced to just do it to live to carry on its one of the things that you cant change that you have to do and once you start doing it, it really does just get a lot easier to do - I've never regretted this relationship yes sometimes i talk more about him than usual but i think people actually start to realize its because you miss him and talking is way to be close to him the people that are close to you and know will get that and they wont mind!! Hang in there because you doing extremely well!!

Keep your head up!!! (: you will get used to it!!! think positively!

Thanks! :)