Disapointment At Its Finest. Lol

so i go out to run a few errands this morning, it included getting my eye brows waxed, going tanning, and of corse going to the post office to check the mail and send my letter to the Mr.Marine!! well i go to check the mail and i see a letter, it's easy to destinguish the difference in envolopes between business and junk mail and an actual letter to an individual so needless to say when i look in my little PO box there was a real letter, it was adressed to miss Ashlee, which is me, i got soooo excited for a minute.. then i realzed the letter was from my granparents wishing me a happy Easter.. i was SO disapointed.. lol but my excitement continues and im looking forward to getting his letter!
ashbear101 ashbear101
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2 Responses Apr 7, 2012

lol is crazy right!! hope you get one soon!!

I get those all the time from family members. You'll get it when you least expect it(: