Anyone Else Do This?

So today a friend of mine and her fiance (a total of 5 years together) broke up. I was so sad for her and him, she said it was the right thing to do though and that she felt a strange sense of peace. But one thing she did say that kind of made me think was that it hadn't felt right for a long time, and that it took her THIS long to finally end it.
I'm mentioning this because I began to think about my relationship and sadly...i started to question it all, our love for each other, everything. I wanted to ask if that happens to anybody else? You kinda compare your relationship to whats happening to other relationships around you? Finally after praying about it i laughed because i so easily let those doubts sink in and cover up the truth, which is that i love this man with everything. I believe that love is choice, and over and over again i choose to love him, no matter what!
I guess it was a small moment of insecurities :/

On a happier note, I'm headed to Pendleton area NEXT WEEK! I am so ready to feel his kiss and wrap myself in his presence again!!! (: I'm sorta nervoussss, what am i gonna say? What am i going to wear?!? haha
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Thanks Umnurse, it is nice to know I'm not the only one! And you're absolutely right, the minute i hear from him, my doubts fade into the distance! Just gotta stay strong, for me and for him too :)<br />
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skateycats, I've been there too! But your right, were on different paths and gotta make the choices thats best for us, not ba<x>sed off of another. If Wes (my bf) heard me he would be laughing at me for ever doubting! haha. And i will! Hopefully post up some pictures of him as a Brand spankin' new Marine (:

I would guess that we all do it. I mean we are surrounded by family and friends who live relatively normal lives and see their significant other everyday (there are always people who are exceptions to this but even still). When we see all the stuff they are experiencing and living everyday we wonder if our relationship has lost something because of the distance. I mean honestly it could very well happen. A lot of us are lucky enough to have found someone that even in the distance we can still find romance in a simple hello on the phone, text or email. Your heart flutters and your palms get all sweaty. I guess we get to experience the feeling of new love over and over again and even with the sadness or loneliness that goes with it when you hear from them it's all worth it...if that ever stopped being true we wouldn't second guess it we would just know. I'm excited for you getting to see your man soon! I just got to see mine graduate officer school and it was the most amazing thing! I love that time when you both are kind of lost in that goofy lovers world where time and people kind of don't matter because your together

you're exactly right! Thank you for your advice, its so true, the "goofy lovers" feeling...we could be doing absolutely nothing and i will be on cloud 9. he's a special one (:

Oh don't worry, you're definitely not the only one who does it. I'm a culprit of questioning everything, all of the time. And then I get a phone call from him and laugh at myself for thinking such things. I think its an easy thing to do when we go for months without seeing our men, we don't get that reassurance all of the time, like we would if we got to see our Marines on a daily basis. Just stay strong and don't be afraid to talk about it with your guy. I think its an important thing to talk about and I'm sure he goes through the same thing at times. Have so much fun at Pendleton!!

I have a way of doing the exact same thing. Except mine was opposite a couple weeks ago when my friend got engaged. I started to think is my relationship going to last through this deployment, is it worth it? does he think about me? does he even miss me? I think that this is the devils way of getting into our heads and we need to push it out and remember that the choices we make are on the right path for us and no one else. Oh keep me posted about Pendleton..that is so exciting!!!