Until It Happens To You..

I never really believed it when everyone said how most people don't understand why you love the man you do and why you are so willing to go wherever he dose...until today. It just so happened to be with my own parents! My bf is graduating from boot this friday and I've been overwhelmed with excitement. So, i thought it would be fine to share my excitement with them...what a total rain on my parade! Immediately they jumped in saying that its strange that i missed him so much and they wanted me to focus on school. I do understand that i will continue to do my best in school, but in the very moment when i tried to explain my complete joy about his return, i got nothing. My parents are great, supportive, and love my bf too, but i think they just aren't listening to me. This is the man i have chosen to be with year after year, and even with the marines i still choose to love him no matter what, and whatever happens with our futures i just need to know that my parents will still be supportive. Sadly, I've already encountered that with friends, but family, i need them to be different than everyone else. I know they will not completely understand, but it wouldn't hurt to really listen when i say I'm happy with my life, my man, and wherever its going! Nevertheless!

I guess sometimes i wish i had a friend who knew exactly what i was going through, right here with me. I really appreciate yall though because w/o this, heck, I would be keeping it all inside and that never turns out well! lol Thanks for listening (:
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People think we're crazy when we drive hundreds of miles to get to them, spend hundreds of dollars in hotels to be with them, and in my case even pick up our whole lives and move them a few hours south just to be with our men! Unless your family and friends have gone through a military relationship, there's no way they can understand what we do and why. I hope everything works out for you!!

My family doesn't understand either. They think I'm setting myself up for failure. My mom tries to be supportive though.