I Need To Shout!!!!

So a little while ago i was shocked to learn that my cousins kid was being bullied and badly. I was even more shocked when last week they came down for my moms birthday and the little bubbly ten year old that always laughed and joked and played who was the most outgoing little girl is now a skeleton of her former self she cries at the drop of a hat you literally have to bounce on your head and fry an egg with your foot to just get a smile out of her. You practically have to use a crowbar to get her away from her mom she's shy and has lost all confidence in herself. Jas and I eventually got her to let loose a bit but once again not half the girl she was before any of this!! Yesterday i started doing research on it again i'm shocked i couldn't for a second believe how bad bulling has gotten and it really is one of my pet peeves what shocked me more was our own governments stand - don't get me wrong we've got far but we have so far to go!!  So if you interested here's a link for you: http://www.stopbullying.gov/

My cousins kid is never ever going to be the same because someone who more insecure of herself had to break her to feel better about her life. She's 10 a 10 year old should never have go through this EVER!! I hate bulling and i hate bullies i swear its the one thing that just ticks me off more than cheating and lying its one of the only things i have ever got into a fight for and its the only thing that literally makes me loose my temper over!! the worst thing about any of this is there's is nothing i can do to help her to make her feel better to make her be the happy go lucky child she once was and i'm not kidding she was the sweetest kid in the world and the epitome of sugar and spice before any of this and now she doesn't trust anyone not her frigging family she's insecure and frightened to death about doing anything alone - who in their right mind thinks that this is alright because its not in no shape way or form does this EVER become right because its not and you sick in the head because it made you feel better!! 

I remember growing up and my parents always used to tell us to turn the other cheek and walk away because we would always know the truth and no body knew that better than us. the difference between Jas and I and her was that every where we were taken we kind of expected it, for my cousins kid no she's not even in the same position as us she just a normal 10 year old with NOTHING that can be picked on and i'm serious when i say you have to try dam hard to find something - ok i'm loosing track here. the thing is people dont know others positions and as much as you think know someone you don't you dont know their positions and you dont know who they are no one has the right to put you down for anything and you don't have to stand being put down either it's your life stand up for yourself and who you are. If you the one putting down other people and then feel good afterwards or that its funny here's the thing IT'S NOT if you the one laughing here's a news flash you just as bad as the other person just because you insecure with yourself it doesn't give a free pass to ruin someone else's life you just as sick them and you need help!! my cousins kid didn't deserve anything of what she's going through right now because one morning some older kid woke and decided to destroy her life!!  Its not ok it's not even remotely in the ok zone it's going to take years and years to her get back to normal and worst thing about all of this is there are still people out there that think that bullying is a fallacy a figment of peoples imagination and a sign of weakness here's a news flash its real, its happening and all over and here's a really shocking *** but of information EVERYONE YOU KNOW THERE IS AT LEAST ONE PERSON THAT HAS OR IS BEING BULLIED!!! 

think about it!!

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This makes me so angry. I seriously do not remember bullying being as big as it is now, little kids are killing themselves. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. I wish more was being done to protect these kids and your cousin is just 10 ugh it seems to be getting younger and younger it's absurd.

I understand how you feel I was bullied but I made me stronger. But people need to start realizing this problem and do something about it

I know how you feel, my little brother is bullied pretty badly and has turned into a little monster because of it. He used to have a heart of gold but then, poof! Gone. Because some kid thought it was fun to beat up kids who are a little pudgy and kind hearted. He had bruises on him the size of softballs. And they were dark bruises. I couldn't do anything either because if I did, everyone in my family said I was just trying to act like his mother. Also, if I stuck up for him, the kid would bully him even more. It's still happening, but more verbally, and I feel bad. But, I can't do anything and that ticks me off to no end.