He's Hit The Halfway Mark And I Hit The Lowest Mark

It's T30, and James has pretty much hit the halfway mark in boot camp. I'm beginning to get excited about that. I'll finally be able to:

A.) take a nice road trip (I hope it's a road trip) to NC.
B.) witness a ceremony branding our own men and women with the title United States Marine and entrusting with them our lives.
C.) I'll finally be able to see James again.

But despite all of that, I feel lower than dirt today. It was beautiful out today, and it finally reached 85 degrees here in CT. And it hurts that all of my "friends" kind of just said, "Hey. Uh, I don't like you enough to hang out with you because I have cooler friends than you. " I asked someone to hang out today, and she's like, "Okay, let's hang out at noon at the town square." and I said okay. At noon I was at the town square and I text her asking if she's there yet and I get, "Oh, no I'm with Lauren at the mall. Tough luck for you."

And Lauren is a really popular girl who hates me and literally beats me up. She's intent on stealing James from me because they've had some history and now that he's going to be a Marine. I really don't like her. She's stealing everything from me, from friends, to jewelery, my fiancé. Everything... Today she just made it clear that beside the Marine friends and James... I'm pretty much alone.
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1 Response Apr 16, 2012

I'm so excited for both you and your future marine! now that that's been said...those so-called friends you got there, they're a dime a dozen. They have yet to mature as you have these past 1.5 months (military relationships do that to you ya know) so they still think its cool to do what they do. And what's her face trying to steal ur man, arent you two engaged? (or am i confusing you with someone else) Just flash your ring, even if its 'cheap'. He still bought it for YOU, asked YOU to marry him, and now its YOU who's got one of the best men in the US. I say pshaw to immature kids and get ready to start having reliable friendships with others. Oorah yes?

Oorah! I agree and yes we're engaged. And I suppose I am a bit more mature than before he left. I kind of like it lol. Thank you for the support. People suck nowadays and the ladies on here make everything easier! :)