Please Let There Be A Letter Today...

I know that now that James is halfway through boot camp, and letters are going to be scarce. But I can't help but to hope for another letter. They make me happy. Plus, I'd like to know if he got the pictures I've sent, I've asked little questions like, "How'd you do on your MCMAP test?" and I briefly mentioned eloping. I just would like to know if he's got anything to say about anything I've written. Getting letters, no matter how long or short, just gives me a nice warm feeling.

On a side note... James graduates June 1, when should I stop sending letters? I was thinking around Memorial day, but I don't think it's good. Should I stop midway through May?
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2 Responses Apr 17, 2012

No worries! They're busy constantly. My bf just graduated and half of the time he wouldn't reply back to anything I said. I knew he wouldn't since he barely got much time to write. All I know is he told me yesterday, he was so focused when he was reading my letters. Cause I sent him a Valentine and never got anything back. Ask him about it yesterday and he said he got it and loved it. It kind of made all the other guys jealous, especially since mine was handmade lol. I usually got a letter once a week and sometimes once every 2 weeks. Patience (: It's so awesome when he gets home! Best thing ever. I stopped writing a little over 2 weeks before he graduated. He told me a date. I would probably stop 2 weeks before he graduates. You're almost there! (: Stay strong!

Lol thank you. :) Staying strong! If and when I get this job at Agway, I'll be more occupied and probably less stressed. :) and I think I'll stop sending letters around May 16. That should be good.

No problem! (: Don't be offended if he acts different on Family Day because he's still being watched. He may act different the first few days as a "civilian". Mine didn't, so yours might not. It all depends on the person though. Don't take it personal though. They're are just adjusting to the civilian life. They're so used to having a schedule and being told what to do 24/7. Try not to start any fights. Don't be offended if he ignores you once a while. He just needs time to himself. Enjoy your time with him though (: Keep moving forward and think of what you're going to achieve in the end! (: You can do this!

Girl you and I are in the same boat!!! I haven't gotten a letter in two weeks and I am about to go insane!!!! But as they get into phase three they have less and less time, but I really want to hear from TJ like you want to hear from James. I have asking questions in all my letters just begging for a response. His mom got a letter last week addressed to everyone, but still not the same. Hopefully we'll get one soon!!

Hopefully! I mean, I know we will at some point, but I can't help but to be so excited that I end up stalking the mail carrier!