Field Wireman

My BF got his MOS changed to Field Wireman so he is now waiting to go through MOS training at twentynine palms. Have any of you ladies been at twentynine palms or live there? I have a trip planned for May 11-14 to go out there and see him. If any of you ladies have information about that area or information about Field Wireman and would like to share I would love it :) Thank you!
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Ha yea it's in the middle of no where. I think I'm gonna fly into Ontario which is like an hour or so away from it. But it'll have been 5 months by the time I see him again. Did you go to your husbands graduation from there?

Never been to 29 but my husband was there for MOS and EMV. He's a field radio operator! :) There is nothing there from what i heard....but the MCCS (family/community services) does a lot!