He Is Gone .... Again. :'(

My best friend, my love, my marine boarded his plane (going back to Lejeune) around 1040am and as I watched his boots travel up the escalator with tears streaming down my cheeks, I made a decision. I decided I am NOT going to let this deployment break me. I am a strong woman and I will make the best of this situation. I love him and I have faith in the United States Marine Corps to keep my baby safe but I will continue to pray with all my might for his safety every minute he is overseas. I know each day will pass and I will not just evaporate without him here so why be sad and depressed the entire time he is gone? I dont want him to be miserable! I want him to laugh, have fun, and smile every day, so why shouldnt I? I love that man and I know he loves me and that fact alone makes me strong enough to stay HAPPY for him. I am thankful to even know a man this great! Our future is so bright if we can just perservere and not let this distance and time apart change us. The past twelve days I've spent with him have been beautiful and so meaningful and I just cant wait to spend more days with him. Hopefully MANY MANY MANY more! Maybe someday ALL of my days will be spent with him. :) We discussed marriage and commitment and I feel confident that soon enough we will be heading in that direction and I just know me staying faithful and loving and supportive during his deployments will only strengthen the amazing relationship we have now! I love him and I am choosing to LOVE him every minute of every day! I am focusing on how happy he makes me, even when he is across the country or world, and instead of pitying myself because I sleep alone, or because I didnt get to talk to him today. I am going to remind myself how many women have not and might not ever have what I have. They may have a man in their beds but he isn't as brave, generous, intelligent, funny, chivalrous or as kind as MINE! I am ONE LUCKY WOMAN and I dont want to let myself forget it during the rough times, and I hope you ladies will keep me in check if I do!

I am so insanely proud to be a girlfriend of a United States Marine! I love him with all of my heart! SEMPER FI!!!
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Mine just got done with his so I know exactly how you are feeling right now. It's honestly the worst to say goodbye for the last time. You will bet through this though, time will pass and before you know it he will be back in your arms. If you need anything feel free to message me :) I'm Renee btw

THANKS I cant wait till its over lol!! Im Kari-- my middle name is Renee :)

Yea I feel you on that, the first month is one of the worst but once you get into a routine time just flys by. The last month is another worst haha by then you are so ready to just get it done with but homecoming, if you haven't had one yet, is so indescribably amazing best day of my life thus far. Always remember that time stops for no one that no matter how slow it feels like it's going, it's still going. I suggest if you hadn't thought of it already to write him every day and either use moto mail or email that way he'll get it everyday. Also send a care package a month that way with every care package you send it's another month down.

Great ideas! :) Yeah I planned on writing alot to him but I didnt know how many care pkgs I'd send but thats a great idea! :) I havent had any deployment homecomings, this is his and my first deployment and I am sooooo excited for it!

good luck girl! just went through the same thing saying goodbye and knowing I won't see him for seven months or more. It makes me really happy to see all the positive things you said.. I've been feeling a little down lately about being alone, sleeping alone, all the lonely stuff but you're so right that we really are the lucky ones! It is an honor to be here for them when they are home and even more so when they are away. thanks for being so positive! -Justine

Im not always positive, read some of my other posts lol-- i just know that he worries about me and I dont want him to think I will be down in the dumps all the time. I have to be strong and my version of being strong is bettering myself while he is away and staying happy so that when he comes home I wont be an angry bitter ole lady :)