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So my boyfriend has one year left in his initial enlistment and he is debating on whether he should reenlist or get out. He used to be dead set on re-upping and now he has been going back and forth. Stressing himself out. He made a list of pros and cons and has asked his mom for advice, and finally asked me what I thought. OBVIOUSLY I want him home. I love that he is a Marine but I would LOVE even more to see him every day or weekend or whatever. I need your opinions/advice on the pros and cons of staying in vs getting out. I dont want to "convince" him to get out but I honestly cant think of many reasons he would stay in. His MOS hasn't had a bonus for a long time so that isn't really encouraging him either. He will be going on his first tour in Afghan in May and I have a feeling he will want to get out but I could be wrong. LADIES give me your feedback! PROS and CONS of staying for four more years or getting out next April!!!
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This is why my husband decided to re-enlist and I encouraged him to reenlist:<br />
<br />
1. He'd been planning on going career since he joined<br />
2. He loves his job in Motor T, he loves being a Marine<br />
3. benefits (healthcare, BAS, BAH)<br />
4. travel opportunities<br />
5. upward mobility career-wise<br />
6. all the training/licensing he's getting<br />
7. Not a great job market right now out in the civilian world<br />
<br />
There are also plenty of cons, but there were mostly about our daughter, who doesn't get to see daddy much, and how he'll miss important parts of her life. But we just couldn't think of any better opportunity outside of the military, or anything he'd rather be doing with his life.

I'm not close to dealing with this but I've thought about what I would do in the future if he asked for my input. Honestly as much as some of the crap we deal with sucks the benefits to staying in right now are huge. The job market sucks with or without a degree, I currently have one and finding a job is hell. As misterhmstatic said there is job security, insurance and a place to live. a lot of people in the US right now can't say they are that lucky and are struggling to feed their families. <br />
<br />
In my opinion tell him how you feel but don't try and talk him into one thing or another he has enough people controlling his every move he doesn't need you trying to control him too. It will just frustrate him more. I don't see a problem in discussing what you see as positives and negatives of both staying in a getting out. It will help him at least see how you look at it but I would be careful about actually telling him one way or the other what you think he should do because I'm not sure that will help especially if he was leaning in the other direction then you it will just make his decision harder and if he does choose to stay in you don't want him to feel guilty about it