Rollercoaster Emotions.

im not sure even how to explain how im feeling. all of a sudden a whirl wind of emotions hit me. ive known cody wanted to reenlist again (for the 3rd time). Of course im going to support him in whatever decision he makes, even if sometimes i sometimes dont want him to i know its what he wants and what he loves to do. i would never ask him to get out unless it was what he wanted. but last night we were talking and he said he has a month and 5 days left of his current contract. knowing that kind of made me cry knowing hes so close to being able to be home with me and we could start a normal life. him reenlisting was always what he talked about so i knew it was coming but once he told me that he started the process and it was happening it hit me out of no where, i just started crying thinking about it all and for 4 more years. i know we can do it and like i always told him im be behind him and support him no matter what. Im so proud yet kind of angry/sad/happy all kinds of emotions. i dont like telling him when i break down and i dont like talking to my parents because they just cry because they dont like seeing me hurt, no one around me really understands either. so i cry alone and keep all of it inside. i partly think thats the reason i tend to break down a lot. i know being with a Marine means i have to be strong, im trying my hardest. honestly since i joined and have read a lot of your girls stories. ive been in high spirits. finally hearing positive feels bf even notices my mood change. (: im going to work on being stronger and thinking more positively about it all <3 i dont know what id do with out my love, hes my everything my bestfriend.
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That can be a hard situation but you are doing the right thing by standing by your man no matter what; though it may not be exactly what you had hoped for. Just keep staying positive girl! I know he appreciates your support and love!

Thanks I am trying (: