Our Story

I met my marine when i was a freshmen in high school, at the time he was a sophomore. We dated all through out high school and when i graduated we broke up, and went our seprate ways. He left to boot camp and i didnt hear from him, i was going crazy because i never stopped loving him. For about a year i didnt hear from him until one day he called me, he had gotten my # from his sister-in-law, which i always kept in contact with, and he called me one day. i couldnt believe it , i cried on the phone for hours. We just picked up where we left off and we've been together ever since. We have plans on getting married next year. i have never loved anyone the way i love him and i never will. It's so hard to have a boyfriend in the military but nevertheless i support his decision and will always be by his side. My love for him is much stronger than any war or any distance we may have between us.

vjacquez vjacquez
18-21, F
May 20, 2008