His Leave Could Not Come Any Sooner!

I am FINALLY seeing my marine after about 2 years! Im so anxious, im not sure how to act when he gets here. We dated through high school, and broke up about a year ago before he came home from Japan, he found someone else. He got married which broke my heart because I have never loved anyone else. Well he recently got divorced a week ago, and we are back together, he has apologized for everything and I know he wont make the same mistake again, im just so nervous to see him, but at the same time im so happy, i wish it could get here sooner. He comes for leave May 10th.
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2 Responses Apr 28, 2012

I am not going to lie, it was sooo hard, sometimes i didnt even know how i did it. But it was the love we share that kept us so strong. I had to wake up sometimes at 2 or 4 am to talk to him when he got in from work bc they are a day ahead so the time is horrible, but we would skype every night and am, i even skyped him at my senior prom!! we constantly sent updated pics to each other which really helped and emailed each other through out our days. It does suck them being soooo far away but him knowing your home and faithful will keep him strong as well. It does cause some issues like I said we had, but not with everyone. Im sure you will be fine, (: but dont hesitate to message me

my fiance is just leaving for okinawa in about a month, how did you deal with him going away and being away for so long, im scared we will never talk. I'll always love him and he'll always love me, im scared about what the expirience will be like though.