I Can Take Physical Distance Rather Than Emotional Distance....:(

I can very much take the physical distance...but the emotional distance is what's killing me..It's been a week now I guess from the time he left and he hasn't reached out to me in a way i expected him too..I try as much to understand him from the day he stepped foot in camp, I gave him time to sort out his things and well understood he would be busy with paper work and unpacking once he arrives..I gave him ample time..I wallowed and drowned in my loneliness to be with him or to simply talk to him, so I just waited and waited and still wait..I'm not a party goer or one who has like girl friends who i talk with like everyday..I pretty much keep to myself, a very private person and he knew that from the start of our relationship.days have passed and I was getting very anxious and impatient about the growing distance, aside from physical distance, it was now much more of the emotional distance which was unbearable to take..there were obviously resources to connect..we have skype, he has my number and knows how to reach me..i don't know his number by the way coz its his new number there..I never received a text message or call from that number just yet..I wanted him to understand me and help our relationship grow, for me it now felt one way..when i do try to make him understand, we would end up having an argument, and me feeling like a very inconsiderate and bad gf for not understanding his job..i do, i do..our relationship is new and we both are taking baby steps..how does one nurture a new relationship?Effort to make your presence felt right so the relationship may grow and not plateau?I knew what i was getting myself into, i knew there wouldn't be much time for us, i understood his job, and understood he had health issues esp with his allergy and his aching back due to his disc herniation..I know he HAS the time unlike the other Marines who just got in..being the boss he has that edge,that time..so i obviously knew he could message me, call me anytime..but it was always me doing the reaching out between us..tell me is it only a woman thing?all i want is for him to drop me even a short message to tell me he is fine..just a short note to let me feel he is around..that would be more than enough for me, that would make me really happy already and keep me going..I don't expect him to be in skype for 24hours like he told me so, that was so hurtful because it made me look like one obsessed gf which I am not oh by the way whenever we skype he is like always sooo tired,, thats okay, i know but it has been like that all the time, so it makes me feel he doesn't want to talk or is uninterested..I know what i want and i know i love him and need him in my life, but that is not the issue..time is of the essence he doesn't understand my fear that if he continues this our relationship may not build and have a good foundation for it to be much more and withstand blows and wouldn't just fall due to circumstances.If you girls know what I mean..I've tried to keep quiet and allow him to do something bout our problem and yes i told him so he would be aware, but its the same thing, he said he will try, but he ends up arguing with me..how do i make him understand that all is for the best of our relationship..?I fear i may drift from him if he continues to ignore me and not take measures to fix things between us..
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Apr 28, 2012