I'm Visiting My Boyfriend At Camp Lejuene Over The Summer.. Suggestions?

I'm going to visit my boyfriend at Camp Lejuene in June, not exactly sure when though. I was wondering how the beach lodges were at onslow. Does anyone have any recommendation about them? Good or bad? If bad, where are other places that are nice to stay and are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Also what are some fun things to do in the area?

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4 Responses Apr 29, 2012

My boyfriend and I stayed on the cabins and yes, you have to use his rank, but they are REALLY cute! It has a stove and everything so you can cook and save on food expense! Just a short walk to the beach which for the most part isn't busy so its very romantic! Definitely check it out. Did you see the pictures online? Google Onslow Beach if you havent already and check out the pictures of all the stuff! :) I also REALLY like that its ON ba<x>se so no silly little civilians running crazy making your visit feel very secluded LOL :)

If you have a car and have some time I would suggest either going to Myrtle Beach or head over to Wilmington. Both are great places with awesome beaches since Jville really has nothing to do. Wilmington is more a college town but they have a beach close by and a lot of cute little shops. Everything was basically in walking distance. I loved Myrtle Beach though, that was so much fun.

my boyfriend and i stayed at the cabins on onslow beach. they were pretty awesome! the only thing is though is that he will have to make the reservations because the only way you can get it is by using his rank. If he is lower on the ranking system then you will get one huge room that has a bed in it, a kitchen, and a table plus a bathroom. its actually pretty nice and it's right on the beach. We rented it out for a whole week and it was really cheap. Cheaper than a hotel room. The only downside is that you have to field day the room before you leave but if he is anything like my boyfriend he will insist on doing it all himself and won't let you help much ahah! We have also stayed at the holiday inn express out in sneads ferry. If we can't stay on onslow then we always go to the holiday inn express. lol! I hope this helps. As for what to do in jacksonville...hahaha there isn't much. Like jesspatt22, the beach is a blast. Enjoy your time with your man during that time! Let me know if you have any other questions. Oh, if you guys drive to wilmington make sure that you have cash on you and quarters to pay for parking haha!

Well I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Sneads Ferry and that was a really nice hotel but literally there is not much to do in Jacksonville. The beach is really fun in Surf City! But any time with your man is fun so enjoy it! If you want to know any specifics just message me.