The Time Is Finally Approaching!! Moving To Nc

Hey Ladies! I haven't wrote in here for a little bit, I hope everyone is doing amazing! I have been busy working/trying to get my stuff together for my move! I am really excited! This a huge step for me and the first time in almost 3 years that my boyfriend and I will actually be living in the same city! We have been long distance our whole relationship so we will actually get to "date" haha I definitely know there will be challenges and it will be way different but I'm ready to take that chance and see what happens! I will be in the Jacksonville area and would love to meet some of you girls out there!
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3 Responses Apr 29, 2012

Hey girl I am down here! Message me your number and we will get together once you are down here!!

Aw yay i'm SO happy for you congrats!!

You're so lucky girl!! I'd give anything for that. I'm happy for you :)

Thanks perezgirl16!! I'm very excited! still a lil nervous though since I'm packing up my whole life, the things you do for love lol