Need Advice.....

okay l leave friday to cali to see my mairne.....I'm really nervous this is the first time that i'm going to cali to see him. how was it the first time you girls saw your marines ? should i be nervous? millions of things are running through my head right now. and the worst part about it is knowing i have to come back home with out him .

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2 Responses May 21, 2008

dont be nervous when i went to cali to see my marine i was so so excited!!! It had been 3 long months since i seen my man and that first hug will tell you how much he missed you!! <br />
its the gretaest feeling. Coming home without him is the hard bit but know that its hard for him to walk away aswell, but just keep the memories of you 2 close..<br />
much love

i am...i'm so excited! i think you know me pretty well...i did go shopping lol and i just got my hair cute too!! too funny. i cant wait until i'm with him. he texts me all the time counting down the days lol ......thats a shame you never went to cali to see your marine. mine already planned all the things we're gonna do. he knows i love animals so he's taking me to the san diego zoo. i thought that was too cute...