First Letter!

I got the first letter from bootcamp today! I checked the mail three times before going to my last class of the day. I asked my dad to text me if I got anything in the mail from Kyle. Me and his mom have been waiting and waiting but I told her that today would be the day and sure enough it was! I sped home to get the address so I could go mail out my letters. We still hadn't gotten the form letter so that's what I was expecting but it was a real letter! It was only half of a page and in a tiny envelope but it was wonderful. I've been really strong these first two weeks but as soon as I read his handwriting it reminded me of all the notes we used to write each other in school and knowing he was doing okay and that we could now communicate with each other broke me down and I cried for the first time since he's been gone. It was from relief and happiness though. The letter was very light hearted and very much my Kyle behind those words. I'm so excited that I get to send him my letters and I get to read his! I can't wait to get more :)
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4 Responses May 4, 2012

I got my first letters from Brandon today :)

Aw i love letters any letters it's the most amazing feeling in the world!!

I can't wait to get my first letter from my love.

ahh that feeling of the first letter is amazing! :D I started crying pretty much at all of them everytime my bf wrote!