Oorah Marine Corps

So I spoke too soon lol

Joey found out today that he's deploying soon. He's the only one from his shop going it's his "reward" for being such a good marine and a motivater. LOL he's excited about it so I'll be happy for him.

When he first told me I was super shocked. And then he told me it was only 2 months to ... I can't say... but its not a war zone which clearly made one happy wife. My exact response to him was " :) well at least it's not for a year to a war zone " l

So here really soon he'll be leaving me for 2 months which sucks and I'll miss him. .. but it can always be worse right
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

Is it funny how their 'rewards' our worst frigging nightmare seriously AJ's reward was this deployment and that 9 frigging months ago - how is that right lol!! Anyway good luck and it will fly by really i cant believe how fast this deployment is going it's actually crazy!! so we here for you keep that attitude cause really it'll get you far!!

haha yeah. I laughed when Joey told me it was his reward. He's so excited to go though so I guess I'll be happy for him! I'm soo excited for you that you're close to the end!! :)

Look who's back on EP!!! haha ;) <br />
Girl don't worry! If you stay in 29 I'm going to help distract you so the time flies by! :)

Haha I know!! I keep going in spurts of being on and off lol. Heck yeah I"m staying in 29 .. it's only 2 months haha :) wine parties!

Yaaayyyy! I'm so glad your staying in 29! Wine parties are the only way to spend time while the hubby is away! haha

great way to look at it!!!

I remember when you were getting ready for deployement and now it's over!! :)

I know right, it's crazy how fast 7 months flew by. Two will be like a blink of the eye for you.