Harder Than I Imagined

So my Marine left Tuesday to NC for the MCT. Although the 3 months for his training seemed like forever.. this really had me down. I know he will be out by the end of the month, but it really sucks not to be with him, to tell him all the things i want to say.. that I got a job and he would've been the first person I'd call.. all these things just get to me and i start breaking down. Wish he was here so I can go to the movies with.. do everything because he is also my best friend.

I'm also a little concerned about the way he was when he got back from boot camp. He was still sweet and everything, but he wasn't so attached with me anymore? Idk it's hard to describe, like he was still the amazing guy but in a way I could tell the slight difference. I know of course that he went through an intense change, just sucks that he would forget many things. Getting engaged is the last thing right now, and I don't mind waiting until the time is right, I guess there isn't any rush.

I can't wait till he calls me.. I don't know if i wont hear from him until the end of the month? This is just torture and it sucks!!!
And I also can't wait till he can start using his phone and start skyping. I miss him so much, its so hard because we were always together everyday and we had tough times, 5 years together soon. Wow, time sure does fly by!

I just want to hear his voice, and fall asleep with him. That's all :[
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He must be done with mct soon right? Mine just started today in NC camp geiger <br />
Ive been reading a lot of responses about the phone thing some get it only Sundays and some just in the beginning and at the end which sucks but at least it's not like boot camp<br />
<br />
I miss him so much already , I was glad when he got back from boot camp because he did not change one bit <br />
He spent his 10 days with me and tried to make time for others but always brought me along which I hated and loved , hated because I felt like he should have spent time with others more even though he didnt want to and loved because I was with him.

just 6more days till he is out! Then i can finally talk to him :D

Hi there! Just going to add my two cents; my boyfriend went to MCT in NC and had his phone all of twice (I missed the second phone call because I was in the shower... which sucks!). But I've heard a lot of ladies say that it's pretty much hit or miss whether they get their phones back at all. But hey, it's shorter than boot camp! <br />
<br />
I did something similar to what Brittany did, I sent him texts when I really missed him or if something exciting happened. <br />
<br />
And that change in attachment... I'm guessing (just guessing... not 100% certain) that you're right with this one. My boyfriend was a little weird during the time he was home between boot camp and MCT. Every time I've seen him since (well... all of twice haha but it still counts!) he's been the same kind of boyfriend he was before boot camp. <br />
<br />
Hang in there! :)

When my husband ( then boyfriend) was at MCT and we couldn't talk and there was something I realllly wanted to tell him. I texted him or emailed him even though I knew he wouldn't get to respond. Mine went MCT on the west coast and they got libbo, I've heard that east coast doesn't get libbo so I wouldn't get my hopes up on hearing from him until the end of the month. Sorry to be debbie downer on that one! But this month will fly by. Look at it in 4 more weekends and I'll hear from him. That's what I did before we got married. We didnt see each other for 6 months after boot and I would count the weekends intead of weeks or days. for some reason that worked for me. You just have to find what works and it will fly :) plus we are all here for you

Thank you so much! This definitely helps out a lot !

Anytime :)