Of Course You Make This Difficult...

I got a letter from James today... He sent me two ID tag things and a Garfield comic ***** from a news paper. He says it's from phase one. I'm happy to hear from him again. He asked me for more pictures but I don't know how I'm going to order anymore... I have no more money... For some reason he asked for three copies of the picture his aunt took of us at a hockey game... I wonder why?

His mom is saying how, in order for me to go to Parris Island with her for Jamie's graduation, I have to pay her $100 for gas/toll on the way to and from P. I., and another $150 to help pay for a hotel room of sorts... She know I don't have that money so I think she's saying, "You're not coming because I know you have no money."

I'm SOL... Huh...?
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He prolly wants the pictures for the board, at least thats what it sounds like to me, my boyfriend explained it to me once but it was right when he got back and had that cute accent but no voice what so ever, so i didnt hear all the details lol

The board? Goggle, here I come!

GOOGLE. Damn autocorrect....

lol he said its the wall where they post pictures of loved once and they leave them their once they go so that they become apart of it...its a good thing...it means he's proud of you and wants to show you off =)

Ooohh...! Well, that makes me feel special! Lol :)

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That's spiteful of her to do that to you. She's definitely doing it on purpose. Maybe you can borrow money from someone. She shouldn't be treating you that way knowing your situation. She wants him all to herself.

She truly is an evil woman, but I think I'm going to ask James's father for some help... He's actually nice.