Inlove With A Marine, And He Does Not Know It

My bestfriend doesn't know how much he means to me. I am inlove with him and he leaves for boot camp tomorrow. I have spent so much time with him lately. I told him that I love him and I am going to miss him, but, I have never told him that I am inlove with him.
He said I will always be his girl and he cannot wait to come back home for a few days so he can see me. Any advice on what to do?
Sw33tP3a1993 Sw33tP3a1993
3 Responses May 5, 2012

I agree it sounds like he already suspects or he himself is feeling differently about you. here's the thing AJ and I technically grew up together he's been my best friend for as long as i can remember. Boot camp was the one thing that changed everything for us but we milled around being friends and were way to scared about loosing our best friend that we hung back and avoided taking that step until finally we realized we were hardly friends anymore anyway so what the hell. Today i'm engaged we get married in August and i couldnt be happier seriously no matter which way i look at it AJ and I getting together has been the best decision i've EVER made!! but when i made we'd both made up our mind on what we wanted!! I know its dam hard taking that step it's scary and all you can think of is holy crap he's my best friend and i dont want to loose him i never lost my best friend he's still here only about 100x better than ever before. my advice is go for it i really i have not regretted a single day since i made that decision just be 200% sure this is what you want!! Good luck i hope everything works out for you!!

I agree with still strong. Write him letters in Bootcamp keep in contact let him know how you feel and that your waiting for him... give him your address so that he can write you when he can and he'll know his address too. Good luck girl!!

It sounds like he already kinda knows your in love with him, maybe he's just waiting on you to make a move....tell him how you really feel, it will make you feel better and most likely him too...good luck =)